Visa Issues...

I got a call from the Philippine Consulate in New York today. It turns out I mailed my visa application in prematurely. I did not know this because I've never applied for a visa. The tourism visa I applied for is only good for 3 months so if they issued my visa now it would be expired before my trip! The lady I spoke with (with her Philippine accent, hehe!) said If I didn't need my passport right away they could keep it until September, then issue my visa and send back my passport for my trip in October. I asked her if I filled everything else out on the application correctly since it was my first time applying for a visa and she said yes. The only problem was that they couldn't issue the visa until September... so the Philippine Consulate will have my passport until September! Eeek! Oh well, at least I'll be aware whenever I need to apply for a visa again!

In other news: I mailed F.B.'s anniversary cards to him the other day. Our 4th anniversary will be on April 1st!

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