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Delta Labs: Hair, Skin, & Nails, Vitamin Review.

✯ PR Sample ✯

Our Hair, Skin & Nails formula is designed to help your hair grow faster and stronger, reduce chipping and breaking in your nails, and create softer, younger, more luminescent looking skin. With 28 scientifically proven vitamins, minerals, herbs, antioxidants and bio nutrients, we guarantee you’ll see clear, visible results within 30 days. New gluten free & vegan formula with 5000 mcg biotin

Delta Labs sent me a sample of their Hair, Skin, & Nails vitamins. Unfortunately it says it takes 30 days before you see a difference, so I won't be able to give you a thorough review with only three doses. You take two pills daily. I can say they don't taste bad, though they are quite large to swallow. I would like try a full bottle sometime, so I can see the results better.

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Instagram Nails!

I have not scheduled any other posts this week... I know... I'm a bad blogger. I ended up spraining my middle finger the weekend before, and it's still bothering me. I have plenty of pictures taken, I just haven't gotten around to editing them.

Look... I'm a Cyborg...

There's also been a lot going on personally besides my finger... I had a co-worker pass away on the 28th (I worked with her for 6 years), my Mom is healing from kidney stone surgery, my cousin had a carbon monoxide scare at her job, my grandmother is in the hospital in ICU and is not doing well. And some other little personal issues, so I'm just feeling a bit burnt out. Could use your well wishes & prayers.

I do have super awesome pictures of all these mani's from my real camera, when I get around to editing them... but I thought I'd share them in their natural light Instagram shots for now. You can follow me on Instagram at @tunaynamahal82

I am wearing this mani this week! It's 2 coats of Royals by Bsquared Lacquer. Which is a blurple jelly with holo glitter, and I stamped with Emily De Molly plate EDM03. This plate is too awesome! I love it! I used Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Silver Sweep to stamp the design.

Another week I wore KB Shimmer The Grape Beyond, stamped with Sally Hansen Lively Lilac with EDM plate EDM05

And some pretty spring nails with Above The Curve: Peeps, Love, & Happiness. Stamped with EDM05, Konad white.

P.S. Here's the real camera version of the first photo! 

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Super Sick...

I've been really really sick since last Saturday night, sicker than I've ever felt.  I've missed a week of work and ended up in the ER yesterday morning. They ran blood tests, gave me a chest xray and IV because I was dehydrated. The ER thinks it's either strep (they didn't get my throat culture back) or influenza. They sent me home with antibiotics. I've pretty much missed a week of my life because I've just been sleeping nonstop, drinking lot's of gatorade. I haven't really been online at all. I've had blog posts scheduled, but forgive me if I haven't replied to comments yet. Still resting up so I can hopefully get back to work on Monday.

Bedrest again...

I hurt my lower back again end of the last week. :-( Ever since I hurt my back in November/December 2010, I've had issues with it. My back is always sore at the end of my work day and commute home. And now I've re-injured it...

I was lucky to get into my doctor this morning around 10:30am. He has me on methylprednisolone & extra strength Tylenol. I took the same medicine when I injured my back before and I remember the steroids were like a magic drug and that the pain went away pretty fast. Right now it's really painful for me to sit/stand/walk, etc. I have horrible pain when I have to roll over or get out of bed too. Ugh. Hoping I feel better soon!

My doctor wants me on light bed rest all week. (I can only get up to shower/bathroom or get a meal). I really didn't have a lot of leave left at work, so it looks like a few of the days I will have to use leave without pay... which really really sucks.

Bedrest for a whole week...

So I hurt my back 4 weeks ago today... I gave it two weeks thinking it just needed to heal up. By the 3rd week the pain was getting worse. I had to take a trip to the Emergency Room on Thursday morning. They doped me up on Valium, Percocet, a muscle relaxer... in the butt... (TMI sorry, lol). My Mom drove for me we were there about 3 hours. I left feeling very good though. They also gave me a weeks prescription for Valium & Ibuprofen. They wanted me to see my doctor as soon as I could.

Unfortunately my Doctor is cutting back his hours because he will be retiring soon and is only in Monday's and every other Tuesday. I called had to call back today around 9am and they were able to fit me in at 3:15pm. Good thing too because the pain was so bad this morning I could barely dress myself. I had to go work and could only take half a valium because of driving, etc.

Soo... now. My doctor wants me on bed rest... the whole week. I'll be on the steroid Prednisone. I have to take 10 pills starting tomorrow spread throughout the day, less every day and ending with about 4 pills by next Monday. Also have Tylenol with Codeine. I have another appointment with my Doctor Monday at 2pm. If the steroids & bed rest haven't brought down the inflammation and I'm still in pain then I will have to get an X-ray first and then maybe an MRI. Hopefully I will start to feel better soon, I'm so tired of being in pain when I sit, stand, walk, lay down. :(

Bad news... using up all my paid leave at work. I think I only had about 12 annual and 30 some in sick leave. I have to call my manager tomorrow morning to talk to her. This is also our last week at the NE Philadelphia campus. Starting Monday we start down town in Center City.

In other news. I got Fennel & Barley a new cage. The one that caused my back injury in the first place; You would have to lift the 2 story cage up to get to the pan underneath to clean it. Which wasn't very good. It was also a very narrow cage for them even though it was 30 inches in length.

I was doing some hunting on Ebay because I've been wanting a Ferret Nation 141 for the boys for awhile, but it retails for $150. (The girls have a Ferret Nation 142). I was able to find one on Ebay for $75 or best offer. It was pick up only in Delaware. I asked my Dad if he would be willing to drive down if I put an offer on the cage and he said he would. (It was about 2 hours away. I gave him gas & toll money.) I submitted an offer of $65. And it was accepted! My parents drove down on Sunday and picked the cage it. It was brand new and already put together, with the booklets and everything. Can't beat that!

So Fennel & Barley have a huge new cage to run around in! And it will be MUCH easier for me to clean without hurting myself.

Also I got a great deal at on some prints & a photo travel mug. I got my Basil art picture on my mug. It was only $11 after coupon codes, I love it! I am also getting more sketches done by Ciara of all my current rats. We will be doing 4 sketches of my remaining 13 rats. :)


This has been a bad start to the new year. Last Friday I started with the office bug that's been going around. I felt like crap on Monday and called out of work. Tuesday we had update training so I had to be at work. And Wednesday I thought I would be okay but during the work day my cough was getting worse, sneezing, nose pouring... all that fun stuff. I stopped at the supermarket on the way home from work and picked up strong med's. Dayquil isn't cutting it. I got Tylenol Severe Congestion. So we'll see how that works.

I also picked up some hot chicken noodle soup... Ohhhh I have a bad obsession with chicken noodle soup. I can eat it for days in a row and not get tired of it. I love it. I eat it for dinner even when I'm not sick. So yesterday after work it was soup & bed for me and today when I woke up at 5am I felt like a truck had hit me. My body aches, my head aches, still coughing... blah. I called out again today and I'm going to bed after I post this and am sleeping ALL DAY. I can't wait until the weekend. It's a 3 day weekend because of the holiday on Monday... I just wish I wasn't sick! I really miss being with F.B. When I was sick in the Philippines he bought me noodle soup and mashed potatoes and listerine to gargle with for my sore throat... plus he always reminded me to take my vitamin c chews!

To top off my bad start to the new year my rat Sugar somehow sprained her front right paw on Sunday evening. I'm not even sure how. But now it's swelled up like a boxing glove almost. I've been giving her children's pain reliever for the pain. I just hope the swelling goes down or else I will have to take her to the vet on Monday or Tuesday so he can prescribe something for the swelling. She can't walk on it, she's just been holding it curled up. Earlier this week she was still eating with it, but as of last night she's not even doing that. And it hurts her terribly when you touch it or examine it, she cries.

I've been having such bad luck with my rats this past year. First was Cinnamon's emergency spay, Sugar getting a tick, Spice's mass removal, Spice passing away, Ginger getting her toes bit up by Sugar and now Sugar getting injured! I went a whole year without having any injuries or sickness and then 2008 & the beginning of this year everything just happened all at once. Rats really aren't as high maintenance as you would think... maybe someone jinxed me. And F.B. always laughs at me when I knock on wood... haha.

P.S. Sugar has a vet visit on Wednesday. The vet isn't in until then. The swelling still hasn't gone down on her paw and not sure if it will before her appointment he might have to prescribe something.


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