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Faux Watermarble with KBShimmer In Bare Form

I've been wanting to try a faux watermarble. The design on my Bundle Monster BM-320 gave me the idea, and I've seen other mani's using stamps to give a watermarbled look. (For those of us that are watermarble dunces, haha!)

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My Nail & Hand Care Favorites!

My good blogging buddy Kirby and I were recently talking about our doing posts on our favorite handcare products, so today I wanted to share some of my nail and hand care favorites, (and routine) with all of you today. These are all products I regularly use, (obviously not all at once!), and have purchased myself. 

This will be a picture heavy post, click below to read more.

KB Shimmer: Leaf of Faith

I saw KB Shimmer's Leaf of Faith on The Mercurial Magpies blog, and immediately needed it. :-p It's a gorgeous deep red cranberry jelly polish filled with red, gold, orange, and holographic glitters. It looks like fall in a bottle!

This is is three coats, plus two coats of KB Shimmer Clearly on Top to smooth everything out. (I still think Seche Vite dries a bit faster, than Clearly on Top, but they are both great topcoats).

 photo born-pretty-banner-1_zpsd81f0880.jpg

My Favorite Indie Shops!

I thought I would share with you all, some of my favorite indie shops to buy nail polish from. These are shops I have own two or more nail polishes from, who I would purchase from again, and also have fabulous customer service.

Indie polishes are more unique, because of the fact they are made in such small batches. There's often limited editions. There's better quality control, and better quality over ingredients used in products, compared to a larger company. Plus you are supporting an independent small businesses when you purchase an indie polish!

1. ILNP Boutique

Really unique duo chromes, and vibrant holographics. Birefringence is my #1 favorite nail polish hands down from this shop. I always get plenty of compliments when I wear it. Also Barbra is a sweetheart and interacts often with her fans. Their customer service is awesome too, I once checked out with the wrong polish and they corrected it right away for me.

2. Painted Polish

Lexi's Drunk on Holo is another one of my all time favorite polishes. I've used it in countless manicures. Lot's of unique crelly and jelly polishes, and blinged out glitter polish. Lexi's packaging is always adorable too, little custom bags for the polish with her logo, she sometimes throws in nail decals or nail studs. She's also really interactive with her fans on Facebook and Instagram.

3. Indigo Bananas

Andrea comes up with the most unique finishes. Her duo chromes always have a soft finish to them. Her flakie jellies are out of this world (and I need to buy them!) Gorgeous holographics, and her cuticle balm is the bomb. I'm actually really addicted to her cuticle balms, and I like that she carries it in full size and mini's (as well as her polishes). She often tucks some interesting foreign Japanese, Chinese candies into your packages which is a fun touch!

4. Ellagee Polish

Whoo! Any lady that thinks of putting dolphin glitter, or penguin glitter into polish is freaking amazing! And Laura definitely is. She has really unique glitter jelly polishes, and holographics, and she recently stocked her shop with mini nail polish bottles keychains that you can fill with different custom charms! (Need!) My two favorite polishes from her are Life is de Bubbles and Dolphins of the Caribbean!

5. KB Shimmer

I recently got addicted to KB Shimmer last year. The fact that she also sells homemade soaps, scrubs, lotions, etc doesn't help. I am addicted to homemade soaps. One of my favorites is her relaxation soap, which has a nice musky scent like a man's really nice cologne, but light enough that it can be unisex. I also love the sugar scrub in that scent, and Lilac! The lilac sugar scrub is amazing! And don't get me started on the cuticle oil pens! Last time I made sure to buy two of the lemongrass cuticle pens. Her customer service is also fantastic, I was accidentally sent the wrong item once, and they responded the same day and mailed the correct item out. Her polishes are gorgeous too, love the crellies, and holo's!

6. Ice Polish

Erin has fantastic holographic polishes, with a great formula too. I just recently tried her polish, and I love it! Especially Jafar (berry holo), and Maleficent which is a gorgeous duo chrome.

7. Nire's Desire

Another Erin- and if you didn't notice her store's name is 'Erin' flipped backwards. ;-) Nire's Desire has some really gorgeous cream shimmers, and duo chromes, and holographics. I own Anam Cara and Jezebel. They are one coaters and have a really unique shimmer to them.

So those are some of my favorite indies! What are some of your favorites? I'd love to hear in the comments!

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Blogging Break Over!

✯ PR Samples Mentioned ✯

If you haven't guessed, my little blogging break is over. ;-) It was nice to chill out and take a break. Not worry about scheduling posts, getting things swatched every weekend. I noticed by taking a break, my creativity for nail polish came back. Since I was usually only creating one look to wear for the entire week, I was able to better plan out my designs and put more thought into them.

I love blogging about nail polish and I love doing reviews, but I'm no longer going to push myself to get several posts up a week. It was draining me out and I was starting to become frustrated with blogging. Instead I'm going to blog when I want. If I only get one post up a week, so be it. If I get on a stretch of posting a few times a week, so be that. I want blogging to be fun for me, and I want to be excited about sharing things with you all.

I have a few reviews coming up. Look for a review of two stunning polishes by Ice Polish and another review of Winstonia Store nail strips!

Today I wanted to share with you some of the looks I created while on break. Some of these were taken with my regular camera and others are cell phone photos.

Zoya Wendy with Zoya Jesy, and Winstonia stamp plate W-04.

Orly Glowstick with Painted Polish Drunk on Holo, Messy Mansion stamp plate MM12.

KB Shimmer In Bare Form, (Nude Holographic) with ILNP Admire Me, and Winstonia Store stamp W108

ILNP Purple Plasma, Painted Polish Drunk on Holo, with Emily de Molly stamp EDM03. 

   photo sarahlynn_zpse7845bbe.jpg

KBShimmer Polishes!

I recently picked up a few of KB Shimmer polishes and a sugar scrub.

When I got my order I was accidentally sent the wrong polish at first. (When The Doves Sigh was missing). I contacted KB Shimmer's customer service and got a reply back immediately saying they were so sorry for the mix up. They sent the correct polish out and I got it within 3 days. They definitely have amazing customer service!

I got the Relaxation sugar scrub. I really love the scent of this one. It's got a spicy musky cologne scent. It's really nice. I use it on my hands in between swatching to moisturize and exfoliate. (I ordered the soap in this scent the other night, can't wait to try it).

This is The Grape Beyond, a really pretty purple matte with blue shimmer. It's hard to see the blue shimmer when it's matte, but you can when you use a topcoat- (though not so much in my photo below, you can see it more in person). I used 3 coats here.

And then I decided to stamp over it with my Emily de Molly plate EDM05 & Sally Hansen Lively Lilac. Loved this combo!

I've been wanting When The Doves Sigh for the longest time. It's a gray crelly with different glitters. A topcoat is a must with these types of polishes or else you'll look like you have bumpy concrete on your nails. A topcoat brings out all the beautiful glitters and smooths everything out. Love this polish! I used 3 coats.

And yes... I forgot to swatch Would You Jubilee It. I plan to swatch it in another post when my next KB Shimmer order arrives. I ordered Laugh Myself Lily and some other goodies!

Oh and here's a sneak peek at some ILNP Boutique polishes I picked up. Will share these soon! Cutie Pop, Charmingly Purple, Music Box & My Private Rainbow.

   photo sarahlynn_zpse7845bbe.jpg

Instagram Nails!

I have not scheduled any other posts this week... I know... I'm a bad blogger. I ended up spraining my middle finger the weekend before, and it's still bothering me. I have plenty of pictures taken, I just haven't gotten around to editing them.

Look... I'm a Cyborg...

There's also been a lot going on personally besides my finger... I had a co-worker pass away on the 28th (I worked with her for 6 years), my Mom is healing from kidney stone surgery, my cousin had a carbon monoxide scare at her job, my grandmother is in the hospital in ICU and is not doing well. And some other little personal issues, so I'm just feeling a bit burnt out. Could use your well wishes & prayers.

I do have super awesome pictures of all these mani's from my real camera, when I get around to editing them... but I thought I'd share them in their natural light Instagram shots for now. You can follow me on Instagram at @tunaynamahal82

I am wearing this mani this week! It's 2 coats of Royals by Bsquared Lacquer. Which is a blurple jelly with holo glitter, and I stamped with Emily De Molly plate EDM03. This plate is too awesome! I love it! I used Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Silver Sweep to stamp the design.

Another week I wore KB Shimmer The Grape Beyond, stamped with Sally Hansen Lively Lilac with EDM plate EDM05

And some pretty spring nails with Above The Curve: Peeps, Love, & Happiness. Stamped with EDM05, Konad white.

P.S. Here's the real camera version of the first photo! 

 photo sarahlynn_zpse7845bbe.jpg

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