Finding out Linthicum Maryland is named after my ancestors.

My 6 month Ancestry membership expired today (and no, this isn't an advertisement post). I've spent the past year researching my family tree and genealogy more deeply. I've found a lot of interesting facts about my ancestors, took the Ancestry DNA test, and even found some skeletons in the closet! The earliest ancestors I've been able to trace, actually have a community named after them: Linthicum, Maryland! 

was my late Nana's maiden name. Her father Dabney Linthicum was descended from a line that goes all the way back to 1658, when Thomas Linthicum Sr. arrived in America and settled in Maryland, Anne Arundel County. He passed away in 1701. Through his son Thomas Jr. our line descended: 

  • Thomas Linthicum Jr. 
  • Edmund Linthicum Sr.
  • Edmund Linthicum Jr. 
  • John T Linthicum
  • William H Linthicum
  • George W. Linthicum (My Great Great Grandfather)
  • Dabney O Linthicum (My Great Grandfather)
  • Dabney's Daughter: Dorothy V. Linthicum, (My late Grandmother)
(My public ancestry family tree can be found here).

Neat Facts:

  • John T Linthicum married Francis Dabney in 1816. Her maiden name later became my Great Grandfathers first name.
  • Hill C Linthicum the brother of my great great grandfather George Linthicum, was a famous Architect in Virginia and North Carolina.
  • There's a genealogy book: Geneology of the Linthicum and Allied Families that was published about the Linthicum Family in 1936, written by Matilda P Badger.
  • Our family is distantly related to Johns Hopkins, Philanthropist. We share the same early ancestor Thomas Linthicum Sr. Only his line was through Thomas's daughter Mary. Our line is through her brother Thomas Jr. (Page 83 in the Linthicum Genealogy book).
My Great Grandfather: Dabney O Linthicum & Great Grandmother: Nellie Capper.
My Nana Dorothy V Linthicum as a teenager, with her Mother Nellie.
The earliest record I've found of Thomas Linthicum Sr, a document stating Edward Selby transported Thomas here on a ship to Maryland from England in 1658. I'm not sure if Thomas was indentured to Edward. (The Linthicum surname was also spelled Lincicomb, Linscombe, etc; in old records).

The burial record of Thomas Linthicum Sr in 1701.
My Grandmother Dorothy V Scaife (d.2014
& my Grandfather William.

Pictures of me with my Grandmother 
& Grandfather over the years.

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