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PolishNV: Fe's Chameleon Thermal Polish

This is my very first thermal polish. I bought it from PolishNV on Etsy. It's called Fe's Chameleon. It starts off as a very pretty periwinkle blue when it's warm or room temperature. When cold it turns into a gorgeous deep purple. It has lot's of scattered holo sparkles in it.

I did 3 coats of the polish and 1 coat of Seche Vite. For photographing the polish, I had one bowl of warm water and one bowl filled with ice water so I could capture the thermal effect at it's best. It's the prettiest thermal I've come across so far when browsing on Etsy. And I love how thermal polishes give you a gradient look! (A thermal polish works best on long nails: the longer your nail tips the more gradient effect you'll have).

This is the polish when room temperature or warm:

 And this is the polish when it's cold:

P.S. If you're curious how I take my photos, check out my blog about my DIY Light Box.

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Indian Ocean by PinkDispyBulle

I am still out of work due to the Government Shutdown, so... I have a lot of time on my hands. I picked up this gorgeous indie polish on Etsy, with a little leftover eBay money I earned.

This is Indian Ocean by the shop Pink Dispy Bulle Franken Polish. It's a gorgeous purple with pink shimmer. I easily could have just done 2 coats, but I did 3 anyway. The formula was very easy to work with. I used 1 coat of Seche Vite.

(Note: Indian Ocean has been discontinued).

 I positioned my DIY Light box lamps like this to get the above photos!

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Valentines Day 2013!

Since Valentines Day fell on a week day and after a lonngggg work day, we stayed in and had Chinese takeout. My husband got me roses and my new favorite L'Occitane almond lotion. And I got him a few Playstation 2 games. :-)

Here are some photos (mainly Instagram) from our Valentines 2013.

My coworker of 11 years gave out pink/red carnations to all the ladies at work.
Hearts on the card I got my husband.
Roses & L'Occitane!
Close up
My new favorite scent.
We bought this a few days before Valentines haha. Couldn't wait!

Right before Valentines, I won a giveaway from the Bama+Ry Shop on Facebook! Jasmine makes gorgeous custom stamped copper & nickel jewelry. I love the jewelry she makes. Like these cute bird earrings and this beautiful inspire pendant. I also love this home is where the heart is necklace.
I was so lucky to win one of her pieces! I love the heart & key design, because when my husband & I were dating & so far apart from each other, we had heart & key key chains. (Kind of like these). The necklace arrived just in time for Valentine's Day. And it came in such cute packaging too! Thank you Jasmine! I love it! :-)


Rockwell Handmade! (From Lebow with Love)

Rockwell Handmade is now called: From Lebow With Love.

This pretty little winter ballerina is from Rockwell Handmade. A shop started by one of my childhood friends Leah. She makes handmade dolls, bowties & whatever else strikes her fancy, from pretty vintage fabric she finds.

(Click on photo to enlarge).
You can even customize your doll orders with what colors you prefer. I wanted our ballerina doll to have black hair. :-) And she is so gorgeous in person! And much larger than you would think. She is approx 17" tall.
I ordered the Winter Ballerina for my little one year old niece Zia in the Philippines. (My Sister in law's blog.). So we will be shipping this dolly off in the New Year as a belated Christmas gift.


Enkelini Nail Polishes!

From reading nail blogs, I know there's all sorts of indie brand nail polish out there. So one Saturday I started looking up nail polish on Etsy and stumbled upon Enkelini Nails Shop. What caught my eye were her hologram polishes. They are gorgeous and I really wanted some! I have a bit of a nail polish obsession. ;-)

I like how her shop offers mini bottles & full size. You can sample more colors with the mini bottles and if you like something enough, you can purchase a full size. The holo's I did 3 coats with. The polish is nice and thick and coats just right. Removing them was also breeze- with no staining. I'm definitely eye-ing some other colors I want to buy!

My Loot! She sent me the Flakie Friend as a free sample. The mini bottles are all $5. But worth it. :-) I ordered 3 different colors. Violet Soul, Let's Dance, Pink Tie Ball.

Ignore my not so stellar paint job on the last one- the sparkles are so much more elegant in person. The flash washes them out. Pink Tie Ball is layered over China Glaze- Dress Me Up.

*The links direct you to the Enkelini Etsy Shop. I was not compensated for writing this, I just love her nail polish! ;-) I purchased the 3 polishes on my own & the clear one was a free sample*

I also purchased 2 more Layla Hologram polishes on ebay... *drool* These two colors are by far my favorite! I love how fast the Layla polishes dry too. Each are 3 coats. You can find them on Ebay, or Ulta Beauty.

Ultra Violet
Mercury Twilight- ignore the gash on my index finger :(
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