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When I was in the Philippines for 2 months my husband and I got our favorite snack foods and I also got to try a few new ones. I wanted to share the snack foods we tried! I think you can see a theme with most of these snacks- most are seafood or fish flavored, which is something the hubby & I enjoy. I love trying foods from other countries! And the Philippines has a lot of different snacks foods!

1. Choc-o-star

Choc-o-star is a lot like Choc-nut. They are both chocolate peanut butter powder flavored candy. The little bars crumble easily into powder. I can't remember, but you usually get 20 in a pack. I like Choc-o-star better because it's got a better chocolate flavor to it.

2. Tempura Chips

I like these best of all of Regent's snacks. Tempura chips are supposed to taste like shrimp tempura. While they don't taste exactly like shrimp tempura. they have a nice spicy shrimp taste to the chips.

3. Sashimi Chips

Sashimi chips are also made by Regent Foods. My husband likes these better than the tempura chips. They are a little bit spicer though. They are supposed to taste tuna sashimi. I find they have a strong garlic aftrer taste to them.

4. Fried Pusit (Squid)

I can't seem to find the Chivalry Brand company online. I didn't think I would like Fried Pusit. (Pusit is Squid in Tagalog). But it actually reminded me of beef jerky. It has a very sweet and spicy flavor to it. (chili powder is one of the ingredients.) I actually brought home a couple bags of this!

5. Jack & Jill Salmon Sushi Potato Chips

My sister in law works for URC the company that makes these potato chips. These were really good. They have a tangy salmon sushi flavor with little seaweed flakes all over the chips. (Looked like chives).

6. Kalamares Pacific Squid Rings

These didn't taste too much like calamares to me. They actually reminded me of Herr's Onion Rings in the USA. They had a nice spicy seasoning on them.
7. Pacific Fishballs

I took one bite of these and handed the bag to my husband. These were not good at all. I can't explain the flavor. They had a very tangy sour taste to them. My husband finished them.

You can buy Filipino snacks & foods online from the following places:

Pilipino Mart

Phil-Am Food

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