Philippines & Makati City

Philippines & Makati City Vacation 12-21-06

I've been here about a week in the Philippines now... time is going by way too fast.... F.B. & I just got back from our 4 day vacation in Makati City, we stayed in the Best Western hotel & were on the 17th floor. When we got into the room, we were being silly and getting inside the closet & taking pictures. And I made F get into the shower (with his clothes on) lol! Peeking out of the shower curtain. Here's some of our photos:

Our View:

Our midnight picnics:

We visited alot of malls while in Makati. Saw the Mall of Asia, where we could see Manila Bay, went to Greenbelt & I got to visit the Louis Vuitton store, but I can't afford any of the purses there, boo hoo.... got some tourist type gifts for home while at the malls. And we also saw some movies.

Some Pictures from the Mall of Asia & Seeing the Bay:

These are from Greenbelt:

The traffic is a free for all here, and 2 lanes become 3 etc, you'd prolly scream in the car too, they get so close to your car! They have these funny things called U-turn slots also, where you get to drive into the on-coming traffic... and in the city they have these countdown traffic lights, that count down 60 seconds to green or red.

We visited the mall again today. And saw the Nativity Story movie. We had to leave the car at the hotel & took a taxi to the mall area, because in the city certain cars aren't allowed to drive until after 7pm. They go by your license plate number. We had trouble getting a taxi there, but coming back was worse- we couldn't seem to get one, so we just decided to walk the 8-10 blocks back to the hotel, it was faster walking than driving I think, haha cuz you sit in traffic alot in the car. It only took about 20 minutes to get back to the hotel. It was quite an adventure. We also saw the Manila Cathedral & went inside, there was a Filipino wedding going on & people are allowed to watch. And we also saw Luneta Park.

Been eating out alot while we stayed in the city. I had some squid the other day with F.B. and some dish with raw fish that I liked, which surprised both F & I. Went to KFC also, and it's the same except for alot of dishes with rice. Eating lot's of rice here... I'm gonna want to buy some when I get back, haha. F's gonna take me to Popeyes one day, and I wanna go to Friday's also. We ate Japanese in the beginning of the week & I tried to teach F how to eat with Chopsticks, but he gave up and used his spoon, but I almost ate a whole bowl of rice with my chopsticks. I had to force F to let me pay for dinner the one night, but he let me pay for the movies today also.


The weather is hot, but I haven't found it too bad. It's just like summer, it can get a little humid at times, but it's fine & I'm staying in F's sister's room, with the aircon.

Pictures of us:

We are going to mail off the postcards & christmas cards tomorrow afternoon. And this weekend is Christmas eve already... and next week are off to Tagaytay for 3 days.... check out my profile for some more pictures of us. That's all for now.


Update 12-22-2006: We went to another mall today. Got some souvenirs at this shop that makes handmade stuff from the Philippines. Mailed the postcards today also. We ate at Popeyes too. And stopped at the supermarket so I could buy some candy & snacks made in the Philippines to take home. We wrapped Christmas gifts today, and will be going to church on Christmas Eve. We took some xmas pictures today. There's also one in our profile:

I think I'm hurting F here:

Oh, work called. I go back to work on January 8th- 7am when I go home. I called them real quick from the Philippines to say I'd be coming back.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!


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