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Valentine's Nails: Design 2

Every Friday until Valentine's Day I will be featuring a different Valentine's Day design! Today I used Sally Hansen Triple Shine in Vanity Flare and stamped with Essence Hello Marshmallow & Konad Special White Polish. I used Winstonia Store 1st Gen W102.

♥ Valentine's Day Nails 
• Design 1
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Nail Mail from Florida & The Netherlands!

It's been awhile since my last blog. I've gotten 7 new polishes since then. :-) But... I only actually paid for one!

My long time blogging & twitter friend Lynn sent me a package a few weeks ago. She sent me a DelSol color changing polish! (I also love the mouse card she sent!)

I've never owned a color changing polish. It's so cool! It changes from a super sparkly purple to a deep magenta in the sun. And as soon as you go back in the shade it goes back to purple. The color Lynn sent me is called 'After Party' I only have mobile photos, but the color change is significant! It's a super sparkly polish in person, I love it!

 DelSol After Party in the shade. 

  DelSol After Party in the sun!

Then I got another lovely surprise. My Instagram friend Maaike (Mee-ka) in The Netherlands sent me some more goodies! (This was the 1st package she sent). She felt bad it cost me so much to send her package, and that I included more than I said I would. She is so nice! She sent me so much stuff! I have to send her back something in a few months, because now I feel bad! lol. :-)

She sent me more Essence polish, some nail art polish, facial cleanser, Coconut Lip Balm, which tastes amazing! And Lipton Blueberry Muffin green tea. :-)

Essence 'That's What I Mint' & 'Hello Marshmallow'

This was the manicure I did with the Essence Polish. Pastel & Daisies! I used Winstonia Store plate 110. And Konad Special Polish in White.

I shared my manicure on Winstonia Store's Facebook page and a few days later they shared it with all of their fans! That was so neat! (You may have to click on the photo below to enlarge it),

The only nail polish I've actually purchased myself was Essie DJ Play That Song. I've been wanting it forever. It's a pretty neon purple. Of course being Essie, the formula was thin and watery, so it took 3 coats, and even then I still had some bubbles. But it's a really gorgeous color regardless.

I added stars a few days later with Winstonia Store stamping plate W107 and some Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Silver.

If you haven't already. Check out my Complete Nail Polish Collection!

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Zoya, Konad & a gift from The Netherlands!

After posting about some of the Zoya summer Pixie Dusts, I went and also ordered Destiny. A pretty orange coral.

I tried out a gradient with Destiny & Miranda.

My friend Maaike (Mee-ka) on Instagram & I decided to send each other each a little package. (We both love nail polish and pet rats!) She sent me a pretty turquoise Essence Nail Polish in Let's Get Lost & Lipton strawberry cupcake tea, all the way from The Netherlands! (The tea tastes like strawberry jam!) I'm sending her a Zoya polish & some treats for her ratties.


I found some of the new L.A. Girl 3d Effect polish on eBay! I still have to swatch them and I'm planning on doing a gradient with them!

I finally got my first Konad image plate. One with a Zebra & Cheetah pattern. I've only ever used stamping plates from Winstonia Store, so I was surprised Konad's look exact to Winstonia's plates. I also got Konad special stamping polish in Black & White. And a new little stamper set from Winstonia Store.

My first Konad mani! I just stamped over my Esscense polish to test it out, so there was some tip wear, etc. My new shorter stamper is a lot easier to handle than the longer one I was using before.

I also did purple zebra nails. With China Glaze Spontaneous!

I also found a nice large plastic container to store all.... 104 of my nail polishes in. I organized the polish by brand in little plastic baggies.

I will leave off with this funny Someecard, because I just ordered polish 105 from Sindie Pop Lacquer last night, a color I've been wanting for ages, and she finally restocked! Golden Raspberries!

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