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Daphine Polish & Bumblesoaps!

I've mentioned my addiction to Bumblesoaps a few times before on this blog. :) They are an awesome indie bath & body company... which I am addicted to!

In February, Daphine Polish, and Bumblesoaps did a collaboration. Daphine Polish created colors to compliment some of Bumblesoaps scents. (The nail polish is scented too!) Each set came with a nail polish, and 2 or 3 Bumblesoaps products. There are 7 different colors in the collaboration collection. I ordered Twilight Nights, and Sweater Weather.

While you can no longer order the nail polish sets with the bath products. You can find the colors for sale individually on Daphine Polish, and you can also find products in these scents for sale on Bumblesoaps. 

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Bumblesoaps Haul!

Please note: Bumblesoaps is now closed until the end of January, due to the owner moving.

My addiction to Bumblesoaps continues! I wanted to share some more products I've gotten recently, with all of you.

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My new addiction: Bumblesoaps

*Please Note: Bumblesoaps will be closed until end of January 2015, due to the owner moving. 

I have a bad, bad addiction to bath productsLush, L'Occitane, Fortune Cookie Soap, Pig  & The Peacock, KB Shimmer, and now... Bumblesoaps! My cousin had raved to me how awesome the whipped soaps are from Bumblesoaps, and how great the customer service is. And, Jennifer from Peer Pressure Polish had also mentioned to me how awesome Bumblesoaps is. (Check her blog out, she has some Bumble reviews up too). I placed my first order a few weeks ago, (which *ahem* may have quickly been followed by a second order). 

Bumblesoaps, also stole my heart forever. They recently came out with the scent Hedonic Tonic(a dupe, if not a better dupe- for Polyjuice Potion from Fortune Cookie Soap. It's much sweeter and fruitier). I love this scent! The body butter is lightly scented, while the lotion bar is more concentrated.
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