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Krazy Candle Fundraiser for November!!!

*Krazy Candle is no longer open* 

I've blogged a few times about Krazy Candle before and I've also held a giveaway. Krazy Candle makes all natural soy tarts and they sell warmers for their tarts. They also make all natural soy candles, in many different scents. I've ordered about 4'xs from Krazy Candle and  I've tried many of their scents. (My Favorites: Pumpkin Crunch, Birthday Cake, Lilac Mist, Lavender, Summer Breeze, Apples & Maple Bourbon, Hot Cocoa).

One of my very favorite things about Krazy Candle, is even though they sell bigger 2oz tarts, packs of tarts, mixed box samplers; They also offer single .99 cent tarts of ANY scent. This is great way to sample a lot of their different scents, so later you can buy larger packs of your favorites. This is definitely one thing that keeps me coming back for future purchases.

Krazy Candle is holding a fundraiser this month. Every purchase made on Krazy Candle during November, they will donate 15% of each sale to Star's Rat Rescue in South Dakota. I've blogged many many times about SRR. I've adopted 9 rats from SRR over the years. Currently, I have 3 rats from Star's Rat Rescue; (Aspen, Cherry & Belle). 

Christmas is coming and I know people are starting to shop for gifts, so please consider trying out Krazy Candle and making a purchase that will benefit Star's Rat Rescue. There are so many pet rats in need of a forever home. If you've read my blog, you know I've owned pet rats since 2007. (And if you want to know Why Rats?! Click here!). This is also a great time to support an American Small Business!

Krazy Candle will be donating 15% of all sales to Star's Rat Rescue during November 2012! 

ALL ORDERS will need to enter "SRR" in the comments section at checkout for 15% to go to SRR!

Krazy Candle Photo: Hot Cocoa Cups
Krazy Candle Photo: All Natural Soy Cupcake Candles
My Photo: 2oz tart of Pumpkin Crunch
My Photo: 2oz tart of Birthday Cake
My Photo: Hot Cocoa Cups
Other Places you can find Krazy Candle & Star's Rat Rescue:
Star's Rat Rescue is now a registered 501c3 non profit organization. All donations made through Star's Rat Rescue are tax deductible. 
Disclaimer: I was not paid for this blog. This is my heartfelt opinion, after being a customer of Krazy Candle, and adopting 9 rats from Star's Rat Rescue over the years. All links either link to older blog entries or websites/products mentioned in the above blog.


Polish Addiction...

My addiction with nail polish continues... lol. I've gotten some lovely new colors again.

New China Glaze Halloween 2012 colors. These were my favorites. The gray 'Immortal' has different colors of shimmer in it. And 'Make a Spectacle' is my new favorite glitter topcoat. This blog post on The PolishAholic is what made me want these two colors so much. In the bottle, 'Make a Spectacle' looks very similar to China Glaze 'Luxe & Lush', but 'Luxe & Lush' shows up gold on your nails. 'Make a Spectacle' is iridescent and has larger circles of glitter, plus shimmer. I was lucky to get each of the new colors for $3 on ebay.

And my Layla polish obsession! I'm so glad Ninja Polish carries this brand. These are my first two non holographic Layla polishes.

I ordered Layla Softouch Effects in: Aqua Zen. I love this color and the finish is so unique from any of my other nail polishes. It's not matte, it's more a ceramic or rubber/vinyl finish. (I wore this color for 1 full week with no base or top coat and had NO CHIPS at all. Just tip wear- AMAZING polish!)

And Layla Mirror Effect in: Metal Chrome. This one is pretty neat, it's not too streaky, it does show every imperfection on your nail though, you're supposed to soft buff your nails before applying this. But what I did was do 1 coat, then a coat of Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat and then 3 more coats of the Metal Chrome and it smoothed it out. It's super shiny in person like I have foil on my nails. :-)

Also I know I've talked about Butter London before. How it takes forever to dry and stains my nails and how I don't think it's worth the price. (Not like Layla!) Well... then I saw this picture of the Butter London Nordstrom Exclusive color 'Two Fingered Salute' and I had to have it...

Not my picture. This is from The PolishAholic blog.


Actually, they were out of stock and I couldn't find the color on ebay so I thought I would never own it. But Nordstrom's finally restocked so I ordered it! It's so pretty... it reminds me of marble or stone. A subtle goldish greenish color. It's gorgeous! It's not shipping until October 20th though. :-(

P.S. Check out KJPugs blog! She received her prizes from the Krazy Candle giveaway I hosted and she blogged all about it. :-) Congrats again! *Krazy Candle is no longer open* 

 photo sarahlynn_zpse7845bbe.jpg

A week with Instagram photos.

Some photos that I've uploaded to Instagram during the past week.

 (My username on Instagram: tunaynamahal82). :-)

 My adorable little pumpkin. I love Fall. ♥

My cute new Crocs leopard flats. They are causing me blisters though... thank God for band aids. :-(

Melting Pumpkin Crunch from Krazy Candle, I love this scent so much! (*Krazy Candle is no longer open*)

My new favorite coffee, Starbucks Sumatra. I love rich BOLD coffee's. Especially brewed in my bright green french press! 

It took me 30 years, but I've finally tried a bagel with lox (smoked salmon) and cream cheese. Yummy, so good! (Onion bagel).

It was good, but the original Pumpkin Spice Latte's are way better. If you're curious and want to try it, click here.

My husband's birthday is tomorrow. So we will be off to the Chinese Buffet for lunch and I have some gifts for him. I have a few days off work and today is a holiday, yay! Thanks Columbus! The weather is getting chilly and it definitely feels more like fall now. I can't wait to go to the park and get some pictures of the leaves changing color soon.


Krazy Candle Fall Giveaway!

*Krazy Candle is no longer open* 

The contest is over now! Winner has been announced below! 

Congratulations kjpugs!

I've blogged before about Krazy Candle! My friend Brittney makes and sells homemade all natural soy tarts (for warmers), and all natural soy candles!

I've ordered three times from Krazy Candle already! I've tried a bunch of different scents and I haven't had one I didn't like yet. My two very favorite scents are Pumpkin Crunch & Lilac Mist. (Lilac Mist reminds me of the Yankee Candle scent, Calla Lily). Pumpkin Crunch smells so good! I always think someone has been baking when I walk through my living room. It has a cinnamon pumpkin muffin kind of smell. I love it!

I told Brittney, I would like to have a Krazy Candle giveaway here on my blog! So, I am giving away 4 Pumpkin Crunch soy tarts and one 2 oz. tart of Lilac mist! (If you don't have a warmer already, Krazy Candle has a variety of warmers!)

All you have to do to enter the giveway is fill out the Rafflecopter form below! It is mandatory that you leave a blog comment: (What is your favorite thing about Fall?) & follow the Krazy Candle Facebook page to qualify for the giveaway! (You can also earn extra entries by following me or Krazy Candle on Twitter & Tweeting about the giveaway!) Good Luck!

NOTE: (If you don't follow the 2 mandatory rules above- your contest entries will be deleted. I've had a few people enter that did not complete the mandatory 'leave a comment' rule. Anyone can comment, you don't have to be registered on Blogger! Thanks!)

USA & Canada Entries Only! Thanks!
  a Rafflecopter giveaway    
*The prize package was purchased by myself from Krazy Candle*


Krazy Candle Soy Tarts!

*Krazy Candle is no longer open* 

My friend Brittney has started a company called Krazy Candle. They make homemade all natural soy tarts for warmers. (Think Scentsy). They also sell soy candles and warmers. I ordered 4 soy tarts in different scents. I ordered: Birthday Cake, Apples and Maple Bourbon, Beach Linen & Lilac Mist. (There are 26 scents to choose from!)

I am burning the Apples & Maple Bourbon scent. It smells like fall! Apples, and cinnamon, etc. The tarts don't smell very strong in the package, but when you burn them the scents are much stronger. They make the whole house smell good! I can't wait to try the other scents I ordered.

Since the tarts are not wax, to remove them easily from your warmer if you want to change scents- just stick your warmer or warming plate in the freezer for about 5-10 minutes. The hardened soy tart will pop right out! Easy clean up! :-)

(Apples & Maple Bourbon was already in my warmer!)
The Owl warmer is from Scentsy. It was a birthday gift from my cousin who sells Scentsy Products! :-) Click here to buy!

*Note: I purchased these 4 tarts on my own. I was not asked to review, this is my honest opinion. 


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