Flash Back: 3-12-2007

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March 12, 2007 - Monday
Updates....only 8 more months....
Current mood: excited

Ohhhh... just 8 more months until I'm on that plane to go back to the Philippines. I booked my hotel about a week ago! Orbtiz.com was having a very nice sale and I saved $100! F.B. & I will be staying in Makati City for a full week this time. January 7th-12th. We really enjoyed staying at the Best Western Astor Hotel there and it's right in the city so plenty of places to drive or walk too.

We will get to spend our engagement anniversary on January 10th in Makati City. I think we are going to go out to dinner somewhere. Maybe Gerry's Grill, hehe, we love that place. And F.B. is going to get me a proper engagement ring and propose properly as well.

Been having issues with the ring I have now. F.B. gave it to me on Christmas day when we were together. I love my ring, it happened to be a size too big, so I had it resized, then a month ago the stone fell out when I was at the store, my Mom, Brother & I went back to look for it and my Brother found the stone in the doormat to the store. So I took it back to the jeweler and they had to replace the head on it. I just got it back this week. F.B. & I have both put alot of money into the ring... which is why I wanted it to be my engagement ring, but it was never really intended for that, and F.B. wants to get me a proper sturdier engagement ring, and propose to me on our engagement anniversary.

F.B. graduated on Friday!!! He's all finished college now! You can see a few pictures in his profile from his graduation. He's first on my friends list. I'm so proud of him... I wish I could have been there for his graduation though... I feel sad that I missed that.... I called him at work this morning at 8:30am- it was 8:30pm in the Philippines and he was out to dinner with his Mom & Aunt.

Tomorrow I am having an early mother's day with Mom, we will be going out to lunch and to the mall, so I'll be off to bed now.


March 12th, 2007: I am off to the Philippines in about 10 more months! The ticket prices are too expensive for Christmas this year, but they were very cheap for January. So I will be going back to the Philippines in January 2008!!!

I just booked my ticket! Orbitz will be mailing my ticket to me. I'll be leaving from Philadelphia on January 2nd, 2008. And arriving in the Philippines on the 3rd. I'll be coming home on January 24th, 2008!

It will be nicer anyhow, since I can spend the holiday's with my family this year at home. And F & I will get to spend more time with each other after the holidays, when it won't be chaotic & crowded every where.

Only 10 more months until I'm with my boy again! I'm so excited! I put the ticket on my credit card this time though, so now I have to repay $1,167.00 back... but my laptop will be paid off at the end of this month- only two more payments. And then I can work on paying off my plane ticket. It should take less than a year to pay that money off, so it's not a problem. And I can still continue to save for getting married. The money in my savings is for my future with F. So I can't touch that at all.

I will probably be booking the Best Western Hotel in Makati City sometime soon. We are thinking of staying a week in the city this time. Either from, January 7th-12th. Or January 7th-11th. We'll see. I have to save up a little money first and then book that, because it will probably cost $300.00-400.00 dollars for 5 nights.... oh well... just about 10 more months!!!

Time for bed now, if I can sleep! I'm so amped up! But I have to wake up at 5;15am... blech.... so goodnight!!!


P.S. This is quite ironic... I'll be arriving in the Philippines on January 3rd, the day I left this past year, hehe.

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