Adventures in the Philippines

Today F.B. & I went to Market Market so I could check out the Converse store there. I liked a pair of sneakers at the Converse store near his house but they didn’t have my size so we went to the other Converse store at Market Market in Bonifacio Global City. I got pink and black Converse sneakers for P2600… about $54 USD. Pretty much what I’d pay in the U.S. They match my tattoo! Think I will change the laces to black when I get home though!

Saw this place at Market Market… the name just seems unusual to me… haha! (Get a high and your munchies fix at the same time? Hmm...)

F.B. and I went to church later that evening and afterwards headed to the new SM Marikina mall to have dinner at Gerry’s Grill, one of our favorite places. I thought the spaghetti meals on the menu were interesting. Spring rolls and spaghetti? Barbecue pork and spaghetti? I see spaghetti on a lot of menus here. You can go to KFC, Wendy’s, Burger King and get spaghetti. Heehee! You can’t do that in the U.S. so much. I guess Americans don’t like spaghetti quite as much.

After dinner we went to Starbucks; (we’re addicted!) I usually get my white chocolate mocha, (hot, iced or frapp.) and F.B. likes to get caramel mocha frappucinos. I did a lot of shopping today. Besides the Converse sneakers, I got a cute Victoria’s Secret t-shirt at a surplus store in SM Marikina and I got a Pepsi t-shirt at Market Market.

Ooooh I almost forgot! I LOVE the supermarket at Market Market! I think I ranted before about not being able to find pretzels in the Philippines and only seeing Rold Gold pretzels… well I found my most favorite pretzels at Market Market! Whoo Hoo! Snyder’s peanut butter & cheese sandwich pretzels! Got one of each! Yay! We also got some other snack foods… looks like we’re having a party, huh? F.B. loves his ruffles and we like these new chips called Tempura. Yummy! Tastes like shrimp tempura. And I got regular peanut butter because I want F.B. to try bananas with peanut butter. Heehee.

We always drive past this goat place when we are around F.B.’s neighborhood. I have a thing for goats… I like them. I’d like to buy one live though… not as meat. I tasted goat before though here in the Philippines. It tastes like beef. Poor Goat…

Here are some pictures of us with Miss Daga. (“Rat” in Tagalog.) F.B. gave her to me the night I arrived.

I injured F.B. the other night. I was having one of my weird nightmares where I’m half asleep and half awake. I remember dreaming I didn’t know where I was and F.B. said I was saying, “Where am I?” I accidentally elbowed him really hard above his right eyebrow during my “nightmare”. He has the bruise to prove it… oops… sorry…. I’m dangerous when I’m sleeping.

Manila Zoo

F.B. & I went to the Manila Zoo today. It cost about 40 peso’s each. (Less than a dollar). It’s a small zoo and was just okay. F.B. said for the price, you get what you pay for.

Here are some of the pictures I took today:

I loved this exhibit the best! There were stray kitty cats hanging out in the ostrich exhibit!

I call this one dinosaur bird! He’s cool!

These were stuffed or taxidermy animals?

I especially love the zombie one:

Love this sign!

After the zoo F.B. & I went to Mall of Asia again. We’ve hung out there a lot lately. I keep going on “shopping sprees” there. I love Watson’s drugstore. I got a pretty blue umbrella with white hearts on it. Then went to the supermarket for a “Sarah” shopping spree. I was excited they have rice krispie cereal. (I wanted Raisin Bran too, but they didn’t have it at that particular supermarket.) So we picked up some rice krispies and some milk.

I guess people don’t drink milk in the Philippines as much as people do in the United States. I didn’t see any gallon milks around there, haha! I did notice they have a lot of milk in boxes on shelves? Condensed? Not quite sure. I’m happy they had fat free milk though! Whoo hoo! We also got some pretzels. It seems the only brand I can find is Rold Gold’s though and they were in the cracker aisle! I miss my Snyder’s.

Oh, another thing I noticed in the supermarkets here. They don’t keep the eggs in a cold section? They just have them on their own little un-refrigerated carts. Well, I haven’t died yet eating scrambled eggs, fried eggs, salted eggs, etc and I’m still alive! Heehee!

We had Wendy’s for lunch. My burger was normal sized. F.B. had the triple burger. Again, just too small for him. Haha!

We went to the 3D IMAX theater and saw ‘Sea Monster’s’. I liked it better than the other IMAX movie we saw back in January about T-Rex. We had Starbucks after the IMAX movie and we checked out the internet café again. They have DSL… nice for checking up on blog & forum stuff.

After Starbucks:

Oh! I found the perfect shirt for F.B. at SM department store!

Random Sign:

Oooh! At Mall of Asia they have this neat thing in the parking garage now. There are sensors over each parking spot and when you pull into one the light above turn’s red when occupied and green when vacant. Pretty neat, then you don’t have to keep driving in circles looking for a parking spot.

Tomorrow we are going out to lunch with F.B.’s Mom, and we might go to Tagaytay next week.

P.S. The other day when F.B. & I were at the supermarket we saw Spongebob PEZ dispensers. F’s never had PEZ, so I bought one (at age 26, haha!) Here’s F.B.’s first experience with PEZ!

Makati City Trip.

(NOTE: Please click on the pictures to enlarge them.)
I’ve been in the Philippines nearly 2 weeks now. October 13th-17th F.B. & I spent the week in Makati City. We always visit Makati city for a few days when I visit. We stayed at the Best Western Astor Hotel. And this time we managed to get ourselves up early for the breakfast buffet all week. We decided this year we would do that to save money. That way we only had to pay for dinner all week.

We spent a lot of time at Mall of Asia. F.B. bought me another pair of Havaiana’s as a belated birthday gift. (I love them!) And also a skull/star hoodie & a t-shirt from SM Department store.

Here are some random city shots:

Philippine Traffic... looks more orderly than it is!

The cabs say 'with aircon’ (That's what air conditioning is called in the Philippines.)

Look! A Hog Dealer! So Random! Haha!

I managed to get some pretty sunset pictures again at Manila Bay, when we were at Mall of Asia:

We also ate at our favorite places; Gerry’s Grill, Chow King & Yellow Cab Here is F.B. contemplating which slice of pizza he wants!

I wanted to try Burger King in the Philippines so we ate there one evening. It tastes the same as the U.S. I was glad they still have the onion rings! F.B. thought his whopper was really “small”though, hehe!

We decided to try ‘Tempura’ a Japanese restaurant, we’ve never ate there. It was pretty good, but we both like Tokyo Tokyo or Saisaki Buffet better for sushi. Oh! F.B. taught me how to eat like a Filipino with both a fork & spoon at the same time. Hehe!

Saw some more movies. We watched ‘Strangers’ which I thought was a lot of anticipation and not a lot of action. And we saw ‘Mirror’s’. I thought it was similar to the ‘Sixth Sense’ in a way, but not as good.

We went to Manila Ocean Park- Aquarium on Tuesday. They had a lot of pretty fish, sharks, sting rays, alligators. They even had a glass tunnel you walk under and the fish swim all around you.


Stone Fish:

Giant Crab:


I like the blue spotted sting ray best; he always gives the evil eye!

I also liked this Tiki dude they had around the park:

They had a Starbucks at Ocean Park. And they even make my white chocolate mocha as a Frappucino in the Philippines too! Whoo hoo! I think we had Starbucks 3 times during our stay in Makati, haha!

Friday we checked out of the hotel but we couldn’t use the car. They have traffic rules and on certain days depending on what your license plate starts with you can’t use the car between certain hours in the city. So we took a hotel cab to Glorietta Mall and spent the day there. We ate Thai food at ‘Dusit Thani’ I had two San Mig beers. They sat the beer in front of F.B. again and his water in front of me! Haha! They always assume! We had the seafood soup we had before and look I even ate the squid with the tentacles! Ewwww! Haha!

Ooooh! And on the way out of Glorietta I came across this lovely purse and bought it! Heehee! Matches my wallet I already have!

We walked back to the hotel. It’s not such a far walk back, so when we stay in the city and visit Glorietta Mall we usually do that. Got back to F.B.'s house around 9pm.

F.B. & I acting silly in Makati:

We still have to visit Fort Santiago and the Manila Zoo. And we want to take a day trip to Tagaytay. We also want to go back to Mall of Asia to check out the 3D IMAX Theater again when the new films are showing.

Sad news though. I found out my Dad had to have his dog Hunter put to sleep this week. He was really sick and wasn’t eating. He was around 13 years old. We’ve had him since he was a puppy. He was a guard dog at my Dad’s junk yard for quite a few years.

And then yesterday Coco, F.B.’s family dog also had to be put to sleep tonight because he was ill. Here’s a picture of him I took of him last week:

P.S. I forgot to post pictures of the pretty rose F.B. gave me the night I arrived:

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