My Zoya Polish!

My three free Zoya promo polishes arrived a few weeks ago. I didn't want to blog until I had tried all 3 colors. I ordered Faye, Crystal & Daul. They are so pretty in person.

The formula is thin on all of them, but dries quickly. I did 3 coats for all. It's also very easy to remove, it looks like glitter, but it must be micro glitter, it removes just like a normal polish. (With 1 coat of Seche Vite topcoat I can get a week or even 2 if I don't feel like changing my polish without much chipping).

I wore Daul for our weekend getaway trip. It's hard to get pictures of. Sometimes it looks purple, gold or even bronze. It's super sparkly even in low light. (The 1st two pictures are cell phone photos).

Daul: No Flash
Daul: No Flash
Daul: Flash

Faye sometimes looks pink, orange and gold in person. 
Faye: No Flash
Faye: Flash

Crystal is a shiny blue with bits of silver and gold in them. I really like the way the specks of gold stand out in the blue in person.
Crystal: No Flash
Crystal: Flash

These gray polishes I'm posting for one of my blogger friends. She was looking for a nice gray nail polish. These are the 3 gray polishes I own. I'd like another color like the Rimmel one, but with less blue eventually.

Rimmel London: Grey Matter, China Glaze: Immortal, Pure Ice: Kiss Me Here.
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Weekend Getaway!

F.B. & I decided to have a little "staycation" getaway. Saturday into Sunday we checked into the Hyatt at the Bellevue in Philadelphia's Rittenhouse Square section. The hotel was just two blocks down from the Academy of Music. I found a nice rate on our room on

Check in was at 3pm on Saturday. We took the train down to Suburban Station. We got downtown around 2pm, so we decided to walk around a little bit. We checked out The Shops at Liberty Place. It's a small mall right near City Hall.

Glass dome roof inside Liberty Place

City Hall
Our Hotel

There was a Starbucks downstairs inside the hotel! They also had a Tiffany & Co, Williams & Sonoma and some other shops downstairs.

Our room!
We headed to dinner after checking in. We ate at Ruby Tuesday at Liberty Place. Then walked around a little after dinner. And I got some Starbucks when we got back to the hotel, hehe.

Sirloin steak, broccoli & mashed cauliflower
Top shelf long island iced tea
F.B. with our chocolate lava cake for dessert. 

Art school across the street from the hotel. We could see ballerina's practicing in the studio from the sidewalk. :)
Academy of Music was 2 blocks from the hotel.
Light outside the Academy of Music.
Starbucks & Chocolate back at the hotel!

Courtyard out our hotel window

 Check out was at 12pm. I forgot to take pictures of us when we came back to the hotel after dinner, I was tired. lol. So that's why my hair is wet here.

We checked out shops on Chestnut Street & Walnut Street after checking out. Walnut Street has a bunch of high end shops. The one I really wanted to stop at was L'Occitane!

My loot from L'Occitane! Almond soap, Verbena soap, Almond oil body wash, Verbena hand lotion, Almond lotion, Rose solid perfume.

We decided to head to 30th Street Station to take the train back home. It was sunny, but very cold and windy out! We walked from Broad St all the way to 30th Street Station.

Comcast Center
Church on 17th Street, I liked the red door.

Bridge near Schuylkill Ave.
Oh hi work... see you Tuesday...
30th Street Station, Amtrack building in the back.
Bridge near Schuylkill Ave.
30th Street Station
I got a cute Philadelphia tote bag for work and a metal city souvenir from the book shop inside 30th Street Station. Yeah... playing tourist in my own city again, lol. Ever since my office moved downtown back in December 2010 and I've been riding the trains. I've definitely been checking out more of downtown Philadelphia than ever before.

F.B. tired on the train home.
Me waiting in the car, while F.B. get Wendy's for dinner!
We had a really nice weekend. But boy with all that walking, we are exhausted!

P.S. This was the note F.B. left on my coffee cup and I found when I got to work Thursday morning. (I make my coffee at home in the morning and my travel tumbler goes into my work bag until I get to work).

Other Philadelphia Adventures:
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