Happy New Year!

New Years in the Philippines: 2007

This was my first New Years in the Philippines. F.B. & I went to church on New Years Eve. It's an open church, and there were so many people we sat on a bench outside the church. It was so noisy outside though, with people setting off firecrackers & fireworks in the air. F said it would sound like a war zone around 12am. There was a doggy in the church, he would lay down and listen, and then scratch himself and walk around, and he came to the outside part where we were, that was my entertainment, haha. Cuz most of the church stuff & music was in Tagalog.

After that we went back to F's house and played a few games of scrabble before it was midnight, the power went out for a few seconds though & I was like, "Oh no! We're gonna have to celebrate new years in the dark? We'll have dinner by candle light?" haha. Also when we were playing scrabble someone set off a big firecracker out back somewhere, and it sounded like it was coming into the room.

There was a countdown thing on tv & F's mom had horns to blow and I took some silly pictures of F.B. teehee. At 12, it did sound a bit like a war zone- with all the fire crackers going off. It was LOUD. After the countdown we had 'Medya Noche' we had dinner and dessert. The noise died down around 1am.

New Years Day, we got together with all of F.B.'s relatives, a family reunion. And his relatives from Virginia were visiting. We had lunch at Max's this chicken place. And then later in the evening went to his aunts house for dinner and Christmas/New Years celebration. I called home around 12pm Philippine time. It was only 11pm 2006 at home when I called. I'm 13 hour ahead of home.

Tomorrow is my last full day in the Philippines. In the morning F.B. & I will be stopping at the mall, to go to the supermarket & bookstore get some stuff for my flight home. And then we're stopping back at his house to pick up his mom. And we are going out for lunch.

Finished packing most of my stuff tonight and just have to pack last minute stuff tomorrow & the morning of my flight. Probably getting up around 3:30-4am on the 3rd here. Going to get to the airport around 5:30am. And then my first flight is to Hong Kong at 8:10am on Philippine Airlines. Then I take United Airlines from Hong Kong to Chicago- 14 hour flight. And then United from Chicago to Philadelphia. I'll arrive home around 7:22pm on January 3rd. So please pray for a safe trip & good weather. This is my last entry for now, until I'm home. So Happy New Year Everyone! Here's some new pictures!

New Years Eve:

F's "Horny"... lol!

Our Crazy Photo Shoot:

This is Mr. Bernerdork. He's F's alter ego! lol!

New Years Day:

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