Anniversary Cards.

My Anniversary Cards arrived yesterday from F.B.! My boy spoils me.... as you can see below. A letters, cards, stickers. He also sent me an 'I Love You' keychain & bought one for himself so we both have one. I just hope my anniversary cards arrive to him on time, Philippine mail is slow and sometimes letters get lost!

Yes! Our Anniversary is on April Fools Day... we're a couple of fools in love! Haha!

I was also able to go to the park on Saturday with my cousins. The weather was nice & sunny but it's still chilly for spring. I can't wait until it gets warmer. I took some gorgeous scenery photos! Here are a few of them:

You can view the rest of my park pictures on my photobucket account!

I'm also a girl that takes her pet rats to the park! Pics here! They loved it!

  1. Hehe. It's nice that you got the anniversary stuff already. I'm glad you like 'em. I love you Sarah. Happy Anniversary. *mwah*


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