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Adventures in the Philippines

Today F.B. & I went to Market Market so I could check out the Converse store there. I liked a pair of sneakers at the Converse store near his house but they didn’t have my size so we went to the other Converse store at Market Market in Bonifacio Global City. I got pink and black Converse sneakers for P2600… about $54 USD. Pretty much what I’d pay in the U.S. They match my tattoo! Think I will change the laces to black when I get home though!

Saw this place at Market Market… the name just seems unusual to me… haha! (Get a high and your munchies fix at the same time? Hmm...)

F.B. and I went to church later that evening and afterwards headed to the new SM Marikina mall to have dinner at Gerry’s Grill, one of our favorite places. I thought the spaghetti meals on the menu were interesting. Spring rolls and spaghetti? Barbecue pork and spaghetti? I see spaghetti on a lot of menus here. You can go to KFC, Wendy’s, Burger King and get spaghetti. Heehee! You can’t do that in the U.S. so much. I guess Americans don’t like spaghetti quite as much.

After dinner we went to Starbucks; (we’re addicted!) I usually get my white chocolate mocha, (hot, iced or frapp.) and F.B. likes to get caramel mocha frappucinos. I did a lot of shopping today. Besides the Converse sneakers, I got a cute Victoria’s Secret t-shirt at a surplus store in SM Marikina and I got a Pepsi t-shirt at Market Market.

Ooooh I almost forgot! I LOVE the supermarket at Market Market! I think I ranted before about not being able to find pretzels in the Philippines and only seeing Rold Gold pretzels… well I found my most favorite pretzels at Market Market! Whoo Hoo! Snyder’s peanut butter & cheese sandwich pretzels! Got one of each! Yay! We also got some other snack foods… looks like we’re having a party, huh? F.B. loves his ruffles and we like these new chips called Tempura. Yummy! Tastes like shrimp tempura. And I got regular peanut butter because I want F.B. to try bananas with peanut butter. Heehee.

We always drive past this goat place when we are around F.B.’s neighborhood. I have a thing for goats… I like them. I’d like to buy one live though… not as meat. I tasted goat before though here in the Philippines. It tastes like beef. Poor Goat…

Here are some pictures of us with Miss Daga. (“Rat” in Tagalog.) F.B. gave her to me the night I arrived.

I injured F.B. the other night. I was having one of my weird nightmares where I’m half asleep and half awake. I remember dreaming I didn’t know where I was and F.B. said I was saying, “Where am I?” I accidentally elbowed him really hard above his right eyebrow during my “nightmare”. He has the bruise to prove it… oops… sorry…. I’m dangerous when I’m sleeping.

Dreams & Venting...

I had a dream about F.B. the other night. In the dream I was back in the Philippines and we were walking around a supermarket together talking. Then later in the dream we were back at his house and my parents were also in the Philippines so we brought home some Yellow Cab pizza for them to try. It must be my last night there, because F.B. helps me pack and says he will wake me up in the morning for my flight. In the morning I wake up and wonder why he didn't wake me up like he said he would, so I walk out of the bedroom and start walking around the house calling "F.B.!". The house is now my grandparents house (Dad's parents) and I still can't find F.B. anywhere and can't figure out why he didn't wake me up. Then I realize I'm not in the Philippines, I'm back in the USA and that's why. Strange dream... I tend to have more vivid and realistic dreams when I take my Meletonin supplement.

Funny story... When I was in the Philippines in January F.B. & I were in bed falling asleep. Sometimes my dreams are so realistic I might talk out loud (sometimes I also see bugs on the walls & wake up startled.) Well, in my dream F.B. was taking me down a dark tunnel (I'm very claustrophobic!) I wake F.B. up saying, "I see stuff on the wall!" ??? F.B. says to me (I must have been half asleep by then because I don't remember this part.) "Are you having a bad dream?" I say, "No." and go back to sleep. Haha! In the morning I told him to stop taking me down dark tunnels in my dreams and I wouldn't wake him up anymore, hehe!

*Edited To Add*

Last night I text messaged F.B. and asked if I could call him. It was about 2am. (2pm Philippine time.) So he texts me back and said: He didn't think it would be a good idea because he was waiting for the mechanic to bring the car back to the house and he needed to be available to check it out and stuff. I was kind of upset by his answer so I just went to sleep. Around 3am he texts and says the car was dropped off & I could call now if I wanted to.... an HOUR later... when I could have called him and talked to him earlier when I first asked. By 3am I was half asleep and too upset with him to call. The thing is... I hardly ever get to call him. We don't talk on the phone that much because it's very expensive! But once in awhile I need to hear his voice and actually talk with him. We don't get to do that every day!

The reason we usually text before we call is because of the 12 hour time difference. It's helps to text beforehand to make sure we're both available. I was just upset and frustrated because I don't understand why I couldn't call when I first text messaged him. His reason was: 'He didn't want our call interrupted.' But we probably would have finished our conversation before the mechanic even showed up. When we talk on the phone it's usually 15-20 minutes at the most. It's very rare if we get to talk an hour, because of the cost. I don't know... is this a petty thing to be upset about? Long distance relationships are so frustrating sometimes... sigh.

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