Engaged! 1-10-2007

F.B. & I decided to get engaged yesterday. After talking & discussing things. Of course there is no set date of when we will be marrying. Only that we decided to get engaged & start planning for our future. It could be 2-3 years more before we get married. F.B. will be finishing college in May. He's starting his OJT this semester. He is in college getting his bachelor degree in computer science. If all goes well- the company he does his job training with may hire him after graduation. Then he can also begin saving for our future. We need to get our finances in order before we plan to marry.

I need to look into all the legal procedures for the Philippines. If we get married, it will be at Justice of the Peace in the Philippines. Not really a wedding. We don't really want that. Just some family & friends & maybe a dinner after wards.

I would be moving to the Philippines. That would be a big adjustment for my life. Yes it is a big step & a big change. But it's something I want to do. I've been back here in the US a little over a week & I'm going crazy. I miss the Philippines... I want to go back. I would like to visit again in the late summer this year if it's possible & works out.

I need to find out all the legal procedures for me to stay over there & work legally- without giving up my us citizenship. We need to save money- so that when I moved over there we would be okay financially while I secured a job. I would like to work in a call center and be a customer service rep. I understand the US is better off economically & I might only be making half of what my US paychecks were over there, but I'm not looking to get rich or have a career. That's not what I want. What I want is to be with my boy, and for us to have a little house somewhere and start our own life.


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