Back Home 1-4-07

I arrived back home in Philadelphia around 6pm last night. It has been quite an adventure these past 3 weeks in the Philippines. It is good to be home again, in America, but I feel like I've truly lost something. I miss F.B. so much, to be so close with someone for 3 weeks, someone you love & then to just come home... to the other side of the world... is sort of heart breaking... I keep crying... when I think about my whole trip... I just miss him so much.

The night before we went to sleep, I asked him to stay in his sisters room with me. It was after 10pm by then and we had to get up at 4am. He was writing me a letter while I was falling asleep. And I was trying to wait up for him to finish so I could talk to him before we went to sleep. But I fell asleep. We woke up at 4am and got ready to prepare to leave for the airport. There was hardly any traffic that early in the morning, which surprised me.

When we got to the airport, it was busy. We pulled curbside to get my luggage out, and I was leaning on the car door, and F's mom was getting out of the back and she didn't see my hand there and accidently slammed the car door on my last 3 fingers. My pinkie finger was really quite swollen for awhile. But thank god I didn't break anything. His mom was like, "I'm so sorry! Oh! I'm so sorry!" F & his aunt went to park the car, so we could say goodbye properly. F's mom stayed with me in front of the airport. It was taking forever for F.B. to get back to us, and I was afraid I'd have to leave without saying goodbye to him. But they finally showed up. It was so hard to say goodbye... I was crying.... we got to hug & kiss... and then I had to go into the airport... when I was in line checking my luggage, I got a text message that said, "Look behind you. I'm right here outside." There were windows in the airport, and he was standing outside the window, and F would move from window to window as I walked down the airport, until finally we had our last wave as I went through security. I called him when I sat down at my gate to say goodbye again. Left the Philippines around 8am on the 3rd.

Arrived in Hong Kong, called F.B. again. Left Hong Kong around 12 or so. For my long 14 hour flight... during the flight my co-worker Christie turned out to have the seat directly behind mine. We hadn't been speaking since May... when we had a fall out... and stopped speaking to eachother. It was weird... during the flight Christie said, "Sarah... Sarah.." And I was thinking... "Ohhhh what's she want?" haha. But she said, "Do you want to end this?" And I said, "Yes... I do... I don't know what happened it was all so stupid." And we talked about everything. Then we talked about our very different experiences we had had in the Philippines. And we had a drink later in Chicago after our 14 hour flight. I won't lie... those 14-15 hour flights are killers, you want to go crazy sometimes, and it's very difficult to sleep. I slept much longer on the way back, than I had on the way there though.

Christie & I landed in Philly 30 minutes earlier than expected, picked up out luggage. Christie was having issues waiting for her luggage and I hope she finally got it, my parents called and were waiting outside so I had to go. It was so strange being in such cold weather, after being in the Philippines, which is most always in the 80, 90, 100's. But the weather didn't bother me at all there. The heat was not so intense. It was nice... I miss the weather.

I miss F... I want to go back sometime soon, and get a visa to stay longer- maybe later this year in the summer/fall. And I know he wants to visit here too. Which we talked about our relationship- and I thought it would be better for him to also visit the US, before we decided how we want to proceed with our future, getting engaged or married someday soon, deciding whether I will go there, or if he will come here- or if we will just move somewhere different in the US... things will work out somehow... they have worked out so amazing as it is... F.B. is more than all the things I thought he was. He is everything to me, my best friend & I love him so much. And I know now that we were meant to be and we will be together again someday soon. I love him so much & I know he loves me. It was awkward the first night being in person together, but after that things fell into place and we were such best was amazing. I love him... I miss him so much...I kept waking up tonight thinking he was sleeping next to me, I'd reach out and touch the pillows, trying to find his hand... but then I'd realize I was at home......I wish I could stop crying... it was harder to leave than I thought it would be. I miss him... I love him. He's my best friend. We had so much fun together.

I have a few days to rest & then I go back to work on Monday the 8th. Hoping to see my cousins this Saturday as well. I uploaded all my trip pictures to Walgreens, I have to pick them up this evening around 9pm or so. 500 some photo's but that's because I got doubles to send to F.B. It cost about $100 for all those pictures... but definitely worth every penny. So was this trip. I'll leave off with a few more pictures from my trip

P.S. Mahal kita baby... I miss you. I'm thinking about you...

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