Trip to Tagaytay!

F.B. & I had our Tagaytay Trip on Wednesday (12-31-06). The way up to Tagaytay is about 2 hours, it's up in the mountains. Saw tonnnns of palm trees, and tons of pineapple fields, they are so neat looking, spikey plants growing out of the ground, with little baby pineapples growing off the plants. We were up in Tagaytay from the 27th-29th.

We stayed at the Taal Vista Hotel. It wasn't quite at nice as the Best Western in Makati City, even though it was more expensive. The hotel in Tagaytay was more like a campus. The check in and reception halls weren't even attached to the rest of the hotel. The room part was kinda across the parking lot. F.B. & I had trouble finding our room at first, he asked someone and they were like, "I don't know." Our room was a little smaller than the Best Western, but still nice. The bathroom was bigger, but the shower was more narrow and slippery, bruised my leg up good, haha. And when we left the 'Make up room' sign on the door, and we came back later I said, "Hey we got clean towels!" But it turned out they just folded up the wet towels we had already used?!

We took lot's of pretty pictures of Lake Taal & the Taal Volcano. It was quite windy up in the mountains and much colder at night time. F & I drove around Tagaytay, up into the mountains... wayyyy up into the mountains. It looked foggy, but it was only because we were so high up it was like we were in the clouds. We were on this little narrow winding road, where there were no buildings or anything, and you could see down the mountain side. There's this sky park, where you can take a shuttle up into the mountains, but the road was really steep... and I was scared, hah, so we just drove around instead. Not so much to do up around in Tagaytay though. It's a smaller city. Lot's of places to eat around there though. We had lunch & dinner out in Tagaytay.

I came down with a sipon (cold) while we were there though. My throat was a bit scratchy before we left for Tagaytay but the next morning my throat was all sore & swollen and my nose was stuffy and runny.F.B. & I found a drugstore and got me some medicine. I'm still a bit sick, so we'll have to pick up some more at the drugstore tomorrow. We just kinda hung around at the hotel.

Tomorrow is F.B's mom's wedding anniversary, so I am taking, his mom, sister & him out to this Japanese Buffet place at one of the malls. And if we have time we may stop at a mall close to his house, so I can visit this clothing store & souvenir shop I like.

Here's some photo's from our Tagaytay trip. On the way up to Tagaytay & The hotel:

F.B. & I out back of the hotel where you can see Lake Taal & the Volcano:

F could have pushed me over the wall... but he didn't... aren't I lucky? Tee hee...

More of us:

It was kinda sunny out and we were squinting, haha:

Lake Taal & Taal Volcano:

At the hotel:

In the car (F says I looks Lasing... (drunk...) lol! It's the sun I swear!) & out to eat... and look... they have Banana Ketchup... it's pretty good, they just color it red, haha:

12-31-2006: Today F & I stopped at the mall earlier today & then later in the evening, we took his family out for dinner. It was his mom's wedding anniversary. We went Saisaki, a Japanese Buffet at one of the malls. I had some sushi there, haha. My favorite kind without raw fish, but then some with raw salmon. And other food..I tried quail eggs too... haha. They were like tiny hard boiled eggs. F & I only had two plates each though, and we were full, haha. I only have two pictures. One was at F's house. And the other his sister took of us at the buffet place. They gave away these goofy little stuffed dogs when someone ordered iced tea, so I got F's, haha. He was a purple dog.

F.B. got me a pair of jeans at my favorite store 'Kamiseta' at the mall here in the Philippines. They have rhinestones on the back pockets. I love that store, I'm a small in jeans there, hehe. Tomorrow (Er... today, it's 1am.) is New Years Eve. We're going to church around 9pm, and then having a little dinner thing back at the house here for New Years. F said it's going to sound like a war zone, with all the firecrackers and stuff. It will be 2007 here at 12am- when it's only 11am on New Years Eve Day at home.... and still 2006... weird... haha.

F.B. got a sign on his door now and we took a picture, heehee:

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