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Overly Organized Email!

My husband keeps every email he's ever gotten in his inbox. He doesn't move them to different folders. I don't know how he finds anything- 6 years worth of emails from me in his inbox along with everything else! When he's in the USA, I just might have to organize his emails for him, haha! I'm super overly organized when it comes to my email and my husband laughs at me for it.

These are the folders I use in my email:

Does anyone else organize their emails? Do you have different folders or do you keep everything in your inbox? I noticed I need to start going through the older messages and delete the ones I don't need anymore, I have soooo many stored emails!


Some Organization!

My bookshelves from Walmart arrived this week and tonight with the help of one of my brothers we got them put together. The boys cage fits perfectly on the smaller bookshelf. I didn't put anything on the shelves yet, so no pictures of that. I did get my books organized on the 5 tier bookshelf though. Surprised I could fit my enormous library on it! I do still have a lot of books on the back of my bed too, so this isn't all of them!

Here are some pictures of the 5 tier bookshelf:

And I finally got my Philippine rattie collection out of my suitcase!

Yes... I still have two suitcases I need to unpack. I've just been taking stuff out as I need it since I came home the end of January! I will finish unpacking and put away the suitcases when I tackle my closet organization! I still want to pick up 2 under the bed plastic containers and some smaller shoebox size ones to help with organizing my closet. I also want to get a new night table. So... slowly I am getting my room organized. Some of the bigger projects will be ripping out the crappy built in desk that is falling apart (a must to fit a bigger bed in the room!), painting my room, getting a new bed, new curtains, etc, later this year!

Walmart you rock!

I have a little bedroom....and A LOT of clutter. Stuff, Books, Clothing. I can't fit everything into my room. My bookshelf is overflowing. When I open my closet things fall out at me. I'm just tired of the clutter. Even more so because if our immigration goes faster F.B. might be here by the holidays and I need to start getting my room in order so my husband has some space too! We want to get an apartment at least a year after F.B. moves here if not sooner- but for the meantime we'll be staying with my parents. I still need to get us a new bed and a TV and DVD player later this year. (I don't own a TV). But for now I wanted to clear up my clutter and organize. And especially make room for my book collection. I have a very large library.

I struck gold on tonight! (Gold, lol! It's St. Patrick's Day!) Here is what I got:

Wildon Home Sherwood Five Tier Bookcase in Black $75.00

More than enough space for all my books!

Mainstays 3-Shelf Bookcase, Black $15.00

I'm going to put my boys cage on top of this and then books & odds and ends on the shelves.

Sterilite 35-Gallon Latch Tote, Set of 4 $12.74 for 4 containers.

I ordered 8 of these! Enough to organize my closet with.

Including taxes and shipping my total was $126.29. Wow! Walmart Rocks! When my items arrive and I finally get my room organized I'll have to take some pictures!

EDIT: Just a note- Those 35 gallon plastic storage containers I got on yesterday jumped to $50.00 for FOUR! I paid $12 something for FOUR yesterday and bought 8 of them! Which means I saved $76!!! Wonder if it was a misprint and they had to sell them to me at the $12 price! :-o

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