Christmas in the Philippines

Christmas in the Philippines 2006:

Been in the Philippines almost 2 weeks now. On Christmas Eve, F's family has the Filipino tradition of 'Noche Buena'. Where at 12 midnight they have a Christmas dinner and exchange gifts. We went to the church, but there were so many people we were outside- it's an open kinda church so you could hear stuff, but we got tired standing for awhile and sat in the car with the windows rolled down, we could still kinda hear stuff. Then when we got back to F.B.'s house we exchanged gifts and took pictures. And then we had dinner.

Christmas we went to the Mall of Asia again and had lunch with his family. But F & I went home after lunch, we've been to the Mall of Asia 3 times now. We hung out here at his house and watched Titanic & Back to the Future, and had dinner.

Tomorrow I'm taking F out to lunch at Friday's, and then we are going to do some shopping at the supermarket & get some snacks to take to the hotel with us up in Tagaytay- we were having midnight "picnic's" when we were at the hotel in Makati City. So, Wednesday we will be heading up to the hotel in Tagaytay and coming home on the 29th. It's F.B.'s mom's anniversary on the 30th so I'm taking his family out for a buffet dinner.

Here are some new pictures:

The sign F's mom made for me- that I saw when I was at the airport. It's hanging on his sister's bedroom door for now, since I'm using the room:

F got me this cute pink Adidas bag for Christmas at the Adidas store in Greenbelt in Makati City:

Me in the doorway on Christmas Eve:

F & I exchanging Christmas Gifts:

They made us kiss for the camera... ewwwww! hahahahaha!

F.B. gave me a purty ring for Christmas:

Us on Christmas Eve before church:



This post is 13 hours behind... it's really 2:15 am on 12-26 as I'm writing this... lol!


F.B. & I went to Friday's for lunch this afternoon. I treated him, this time. Friday's is my favorite place to eat at home, so I wanted to try it in the Philippines. It's pretty much the same, just a few different menu items. I had some chicken fingers & F had some fish and we shared onion rings & my margarita which made me a bit... hilo... (dizzy.) Then we shared dessert. We ate too much... ackkkk I was so full tonight. Then we stopped at the mall to pick up some stuff for our trip to Tagaytay. We are leaving tomorrow around 11pm or so, because check in up at Taal Vista Hotel is 2pm. We'll be heading back to F's house on the 29th. Here's some newer pictures:

My margarita... it made me a bit dizzy, lol... and they don't even card you at the Friday's in the Philippines:

Our dessert we shared.... yum. haha:

Me in F.B.'s car, while he checked the air in the car tires:

Called my family last night to wish them a Merry Christmas. It was 12pm there on Christmas day & about 1am on the 26th when I called. Mom said "F's a true gentleman." Let's see.... he opens the car door for me... and if I try to get out myself he complains. He buckles my seatbelt for me sometimes. I have to force him to pay for movies or lunch sometimes... bad boy. He cuts my meat for me sometimes, if I can't get it... then we feed each other sometimes too... hehehehehe. He wakes me up in the mornings, though the first morning he turned on the light and blinded me. And he's just my guwapo guwapo silly corny boyfriend.... and I love him.


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