Vitamin C, Cold Med's & 2 surprises...

So my cold is back for round two. I had a head cold 2 weeks ago and now it's spreading through my family. I woke up yesterday with clogged ears, stuffed up nose and very dry throat. At least my throat isn't swollen like it was 2 weeks ago though. So I went to Walmart this evening to pick up chewable vitamin c, cold medicine, tums. (The tums are because I'm an old lady of 28 who gets indigestion, lol!)

And I kinda may have... picked up 2 ratties from Petco during my outing... er... GGMR...

Iris & Daisy. Iris is a Blue Berkshire, and I'm 98% sure she is from the same litter Jasmine was from. (Got Jasmine from the same Petco.) They are both the same size and they are both around 4 months old. Their faces are identical in bone structure- even the same ears. If they aren't from the same litter they definitely had the same parents from the same breeder. 

Daisy is a little Russian Blue Rex Berkshire. She has curly rex fur & whiskers. She's much smaller and younger than Iris. I would say she is around 2 months old.They had her marked as a dumbo eared rex... but she is definitely top eared!

Iris & Daisy
Jasmine & Iris together. They have the same face structure and same long top ears. (Bunny ears I call them.) I think they were from the same litter or share the same parents.
Jasmine left- Iris right.
They even make the same face, lol. Iris left, Jasmine right.

The new girls are going to live with Basil, Ivy, Pepper & Poppy when I get them all settled.

  1. Sorry you're sick. I'm just getting over mine. They really like to linger!

    Iris and Daisy...I like the names.

    Marnie xo

  2. Christina Marsden11/28/2010 7:33 PM

    hope u feel better! cant believe you got two more ratties, hahaha they r cute- and your nail polish is adorable! :-)

  3. I hate winter colds. :( You know what they say... a rat a day keeps the doctor away... hahaha....

    Chrissy the nail polish is Rimmel Grey Matter- I love it. :)

  4. Hope you feel better! Keep yourself hydrated. You just make cute names for your ratties. Now it's all flower-themed, how cute!

  5. They are so cute!

    I hope you are feeling better! xo


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