So today I picked up a Tofurky from Bunn's Natural Food's store. I've been wanting to try one. I'm not vegetarian, but when I'm cooking for myself, I usually don't make too many meat based dinners. I love tofu & I love trying health foods. I'm just not a big turkey eater. I like turkey lunch meat, but I'm not big on regular turkey so we'll see how the Tofurky tastes. I also picked up some ground flax seed to add into my smoothies for fiber & protein. And I got this amazing rosemary & mint soap!

I'm also going to be making The Pioneer Woman's 'Potatoes au Gratin' for Thanksgiving. They look amazing!

Credit: Pioneer Woman
Oooh I just made an amazing smoothie today for lunch! I got the recipe from the blog EatMoveWrite.

What I put in my smoothie: (I added a few extra things)

1/2 cup of vanilla almond milk
1 tablespoon plain yogurt
2 tablespoons ground Flax seed
2 spoonfuls of Peanut Butter
1 half Banana
Big handful of fresh Spinach
Little handful of Kale.
4 ice cubes.
Sweetener (to taste).

It was sooo yummy! All you could taste was the banana and peanut butter. So good!

I have Wednesday & Thursday off and the following Monday. They denied me the day after Thanksgiving off on my vacation schedule... oh well at least I have a few days off from work!

  1. I hate tofu!!! Let us know how tofurkey tastes like

  2. Oh wow really?! I love tofu in Japanese, Vietnamese and Thai cooking! My husband luckily also loves tofu, hehehe! :-)

  3. Tofurky sounds kinda funny, but it does look pretty good. Wish I could taste. hehe.

  4. I will never ever EVER get past the fact that I just read SPINACH in a smoothie...

  5. Lol Shannon! You can't taste the spinach! :-p

  6. Let me know how the tofurkey turns out. I'm curious to try it myself.

    I love to make soap, and let me tell you that soap looks amazing! Good choice.

    And...being a green smoothie freak myself, I agree, you can't taste the spinach..or kale, all you taste is the fruit. Enjoy!!

    Have a great Thanksgiving! Marnie xo

  7. Sarah! Have a great Thanksgiving! =)


  8. I tried this Tofurky roast for the first time on Christmas! I didn't buy the gravy that's sold separately but I didn't need it. There's a recipe for a nice olive oil basted on the package. I LOVED this roast - I hope it's not just a seasonal product. Because I will purchase it again!


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