Books I'm Reading.

I took a bunch of random books out from the library this time. There are quite a few new ones I want to read but the wait is just too long. Maybe in a few months I'll be able to take them out when they aren't so popular.

What I want to read:

1. Room : a novel- Emma Donoghue

2. Fly away home- Jennier Weiner

3. The red queen- Philippa Gregory

4. Captive Queen: A Novel of Eleanor of Aquitaine- Alison Weir

5. The world is bigger now : an American journalist's rescue from captivity in North Korea- Euna Lee

Here are the random books I picked out to read for the time being. I did online key word searches in our library and found some interesting reads. The Elizabeth Smart one I picked because they are about to begin the trial and the story interested me.

1. Bringing Elizabeth home : a journey of faith and hope- Ed Smart (Pretty good.)

2. In a gilded cage- Rhys Bowen
(I liked this- a good mystery book!)

3. Annexed- Sharon Dogar
(It was okay- not very descriptive.)

4. Wicked girls : a novel of the Salem witch trials- Stephanie Hemphill
(The whole book is written in verse with not enough details. Hard to read.)

5. Revolution- Jennifer Donnelly
(Didn't love it, but wasn't bad either.)

6. The world I live in- Helen Keller
(Very interesting read.)


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