More books I'm reading.

Why yes... I am a speed reader! It only took me about a week to finish the last 5 books I took out from our library!

Here is what I currently have checked out:

1. The rose of Sebastopol- Katharine  McMahon (Had a hard time with this because it skipped years in almost every chapter.)

2. Primrose past : the 1848 journal of young Lady Primrose Hunt- Caroline Rose. (Kinda boring).

3. Your name is Renee : Ruth Kapp Hartz's story as a hidden child in Nazi-occupied France- Stacy Cretzmeyer (I enjoyed this. It's interesting reading about the Holocaust from France's perspective).

4. Alice I have been : a novel- Melanie Benjamin (This one was pretty interesting- fiction about the real "Alice" in wonderland and her friendship with Lewis Carroll.)

5. In Dublin's fair city- Rhys Bowen (Good read.)

6. Tell me, pretty maiden- Rhys Bowen (I like these Molly Murphy mysteries.)

7. Sarah Morgan : the Civil War diary of a southern woman- Sarah Morgan- Edited by Charles East (I think if I owned this I wouldn't have skipped around so much- but being an actual diary it's very long winded. I still might look for a copy online for myself.)

8. The wet nurse's tale- Erica Eisdorfer (I liked this one)

(I will edit this post with a description of how I liked each book as I finish them.)

  1. Five books in one week?!? Impressive. With work, I no longer have the time to read for enjoyment. "Alive I Have Been" actually sounds interesting.

  2. Haha, even when I'm working, I can get through almost the same amount of books. I read every night before I go to sleep. My husband said he's surprised I haven't read through our whole library yet.

  3. Wow, you are a speed reader. I made some brown and serve rolls over the weekend and did a post about them today. Stop by for a visit.


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