Kodak Camera & Digital Picture Frame!

My prizes from NYC Girl at Heart & Kodak arrived today! Yay!

Basil my old guy was my first subject after I figured out how to set the Macro setting and how to focus the camera before taking a shot!

The digital picture frame is pretty neat. You can even select to view photos from your friends Facebook albums or your own! It has wi-fi but you can also upload photos from your computer to the frame through the Kodak Pulse website. The first picture I added was my Manila Bay sunset photo!

Thank you so much Patty & Kodak! I love it! I can't wait to head to the park later this week and get some pretty fall shots with my new camera!

  1. I'm so glad you got your camera! I know you will love it like I love mine! Have a great time using it! :)

  2. cool camera :)
    Basil is still lookin good in his old age :) makes a fab subject :D

  3. Thank you everyone! And I'm having fun with it Patty, especially playing around with the settings before I take a photo.

  4. It's nice you got your camera already. Congrats. I know you'll be taking lotsa pics with it. You're pretty good at taking pictures.


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