Starbuck's Holiday Items!

I was so excited when one of our Rat Chatter Forum members posted about Starbuck's selling a stuffed mouse for Christmas! They also have a mouse mug! They are so cute and not too expensive either! I ordered both for $2.99 shipping!

Huxley Writer Mouse: ($7.95)

Writer Mouse Mug: ($6.95)

In other news, I got called back to work and started on Monday. That has to be the shortest furlough ever! (Only 6 weeks- usually we are furloughed for at least 3 months.) The good news is, our move to the new down town campus has been pushed back to December 13th! So no one hour commutes on the train for awhile! It's so eerily empty at our current campus because so many departments are already at the new building down town.

In bad news... I pulled my lower back cleaning the rat cages last Monday. I went to lift the boys cage to clean the pan underneath and forgot to bend my knees when I sat the cage down on the floor. I pulled it good too. It was extremely painful last week. This week it is slowly getting better but as the day progresses it starts to hurt more. I've been taking a memory foam travel pillow to work to put behind my back because our office chairs are awful. I also got a memory foam topper for $30 from Big Lot's which this morning when I woke up I wasn't in too much pain at all. I also slept more soundly, I noticed I wasn't tossing and turning like usual. I guess the memory foam relieves pressure.

F.B. & I have been married for 11 months today. ♥


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