New Bath & Beauty Products I'm Using.

1. Suave: Rosemary & Mint Shampoo

I was using another mint shampoo that cost $6 before. This is more affordable and I love the scent. It also has lavender and lemongrass in it.

2. Dial: Cranberry Body Wash

This is something new I decided to try after seeing it at Walmart. Love it! The scent is sweet but there's also something citrusy about it. It also comes in bar form.

3. Baking Soda

Yep! Good old fashioned, baking soda! I've been using it on my toothbrush before I use regular toothpaste. And I've started using it to exfoliate my face 2x's a week. If you click the link it also gives you some other beauty tips for baking soda!

I've heard this powder has been around for many many years. I just started using it last year to set my foundation. It's nice & light and has a slight perfume scent to it. The container is huge so it lasts a long long time!

5. Yardley English Lavender Soap

I'm lucky enough our local Dollar Tree carries this. I love the strong scent of lavender. I also like L'Occitane's lavender soap, but this is more affordable!

6. Tom's of Maine Natural Lavender Deodorant 

I haven't really found a good deodorant that works like my Secret vanilla does. Unfortunately I've grown tired of that scent and I've gone through quite a few new ones lately that just didn't do it. I'm loving Tom's of Maine though. It actually lasts through the day and I absolutely love the scent of lavender!

7. Carmex Lip Balm

Can't go wrong with Carmex! I buy the one in the little jar, only because I've had 2 tubes destroyed by little rattie teeth! I definitely love using this in the winter for chapped lips.

(Nope, not getting paid to recommend these products! I just wanted to share them, because I love them!)

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