Winstonia Store: Pastel Impressions, Nail Wraps.

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Winstonia Store recently gave me the opportunity to review some of their new nail wraps. A few weeks ago I reviewed the 'Americano' design. Today I'm reviewing the 'Pastel Impressions' nail wraps. 

They are similar to Sally Hansen Salon Effects, and apply in the same manner.

I love Winstonia Store products, I adore their stamping plates. That said; the 'Pastel Impressions' design performed worse for me then the 'Americano' design. 

When I reviewed the 'Americano' design, I used Seche Vite fast dry topcoat. What I thought happened, was that the fast dry topcoat shrunk the wraps, and accelerated the creasing, and peeling. The 'Americano' wraps only lasted me one full day. When I would run my fingers through my hair, it would snag on the strips because they were peeling up. So at the end of the day I ended up removing all of the strips. (They remove very easily, peeled right off). 

To give a fair review this time for the 'Pastel Impressions' design, I used a regular topcoat. Sally Hansen Triple Shine Topcoat. But... this did not help the creasing or peeling. As you can see below in my photo the wraps were peeling up at the sides, no matter how much I pressed them back down. Sadly; these also, only lasted me one day of wear. 

Honestly, I think these nail wraps are best for a evening out, or a one day event. They are affordable and there are many designs to choose from, without going through all of the trouble to paint your nails yourself. It could just be nail chemistry, but these do not last me 14 days. If I had to choose, I would say I liked the 'Americano' design better. I also think that particular design helped hide the imperfections better. 

  • Price is much cheaper than Sally Hansen Salon Effects.
  • Lot's of pretty designs & colors to choose from.
  • Strips are thicker, so if you align it incorrectly you can fix it easily. 
  • Plenty of extra strips to find the right fit for your nails, (or in case you mess up).

  • Even though I followed the instructions exactly, and used a regular topcoat, the strips creased, and started peeling up after only one day of wear. 
  • Because the strips are thicker, I had to be very gentle when using the emery board to file off the excess. As you can see from the photos the 'Pastel Impressions' seemed to tear more easily, so I am missing some at my nail tips. 

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