Blogging Break Over!

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If you haven't guessed, my little blogging break is over. ;-) It was nice to chill out and take a break. Not worry about scheduling posts, getting things swatched every weekend. I noticed by taking a break, my creativity for nail polish came back. Since I was usually only creating one look to wear for the entire week, I was able to better plan out my designs and put more thought into them.

I love blogging about nail polish and I love doing reviews, but I'm no longer going to push myself to get several posts up a week. It was draining me out and I was starting to become frustrated with blogging. Instead I'm going to blog when I want. If I only get one post up a week, so be it. If I get on a stretch of posting a few times a week, so be that. I want blogging to be fun for me, and I want to be excited about sharing things with you all.

I have a few reviews coming up. Look for a review of two stunning polishes by Ice Polish and another review of Winstonia Store nail strips!

Today I wanted to share with you some of the looks I created while on break. Some of these were taken with my regular camera and others are cell phone photos.

Zoya Wendy with Zoya Jesy, and Winstonia stamp plate W-04.

Orly Glowstick with Painted Polish Drunk on Holo, Messy Mansion stamp plate MM12.

KB Shimmer In Bare Form, (Nude Holographic) with ILNP Admire Me, and Winstonia Store stamp W108

ILNP Purple Plasma, Painted Polish Drunk on Holo, with Emily de Molly stamp EDM03. 

   photo sarahlynn_zpse7845bbe.jpg

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