Ice Polish: Jasmine & Jafar.

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Today I have some holographic pretties from Ice Polish to share with all of you. Erin is coming out with the  'Dreams Come True... Not If I Can Help It' collection. It will be made up of 6 duo's representing Disney princesses & villains.The collection will be out June 30th. I was sent Jasmine & Jafar (from Aladdin) to review! 

I was in my kitchen when I opened the package, and my kitchen lights really show off holo's, so I literally went "Wow!!! Ooooh!" when I saw these gorgeous holo's. I have a huge weakness holographic nail polish. :-)

First up is.... Jasmine! Since Jasmine is a princess after all, I thought the addition of some rhinestones would be perfect. (Sally Hansen). Jasmine is a light aqua or sea foam linear holographic polish, it's very reminiscent of Princess Jasmine's outfit. I used three thin coats and it went on smoothly and dried pretty quickly too. I topped it off with Seche Vite. It's stunning in the sun! 

(Who else wanted to BE Princess Jasmine growing up?)


(Natural light shade)

And... the evil villain Jafar! Jafar is... wow, wow, wow! It's a purplish/magenta berry colored linear holo, but what makes it interesting, is there are also little bits of gold shimmer mixed throughout. It's hard to see the gold shimmer in the sun, but it really shows up in person in the shade. I also did three thin coats, plus Seche Vite topcoat. Application was the same as the first polish. I thought some holographic studs would look nice with this color. :-)


(Natural light shade).

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