Zoya: Matte Velvets Re-Release.

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Today I have the Zoya Matte Velvet's. This is re-release of the same collection from a few years ago. The only one I tracked down on eBay a few months ago was Savita, so I'm really happy I get the chance to try all of them out this time around.

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All of these were consistent in formula for me. I did 2 coats for each color. I started off with a thin coat and let it dry fully, and then did one more thicker coat. You do need to make sure your 1st coat is completely dry before starting the 2nd, or else you may have dragging or leveling issues.

Dovima: is a charcoal black. I used striping tape, and Zoya Harlow for the accent nail.

Savita: Gorgeous deep blue toned purple. But... the smell... new Savita sort of has this sulfur skunky smell to it. I did a sniff test with the original Savita, and that does not have an odor. (I've heard blue pigments can sometimes have sulfur in them). The color is exactly the same. When the new Savita is dry- it does not smell. I used Zoya Cosmo for the accent nail.

Harlow: I had checked eBay countless times looking for Harlow with no luck, so I'm really happy it's available again! It's a gorgeous deep rosy pink. I used striping tape and Sparitual- On The Dunes, for the tips of my nails.

Loredana: is a gun metal gray. Zoya Savita, & silver striping tape for the accent nail.

Posh: is described as a cool toned red. I used Zoya Oswin for the accent nail.

Veruschka: is a deep hunter green. I used Zoya Tomoko for the accent nail.
You can buy the Zoya Matte Velvet colors on Zoya.com
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