Chaos & Crocodiles: Secret Agent Coll. + Operation Vegas

Whoo hoo! I have been wanting this collection for so so long. The last time there was a restock, I sat with the page ready until the store went live- refreshed- add to cart... sold out... WTF? I was pissed! (Okay, there may have also been some crying involved, lol!) So, I am very glad Sarey from Chaos & Crocodiles decided to do a pre-order instead, because of the demand. This was my splurge to myself- belated birthday gift. I pre-ordered this at the end of August.

I ordered the 'Secret Agent Collection', and 
the limited edition 'Operation Vegas'.
Please click below to see more. Very picture heavy post!

The Secret Agent Collection comes with 10 holographic polishes, in every color of the rainbow. Plus some extras. You get a cute gold box, secret agent card, sticker, dog tag, button, and a $5 gift certificate. 
The Secret Agent Collection can be purchased as a set, or individually.
(*Operation Vegas is a separate limited edition color).

The formula on all of these was consistent. I only needed two coats for each color. Usually holographic polishes are sheer, but these are nice and rich without being runny. I used KB Shimmer Clearly On Top, quick dry topcoat for all swatches below. All of these were taken in my light tent, you can see the holo is strong even under the light. And in the sunlight- these babies sparkle like crazy!

Security Breach is a red linear holographic polish.
Interrogation is a orange linear holographic polish.
Subterfuge is a gold linear holographic polish.
Night Vision is a light green linear holographic polish.
Cipher is teal linear holographic polish.
Sleeper Cell is a blue linear holographic polish.
Reconnaissance is a purple linear holographic polish.
Protocol is an orchid linear holographic polish.
*Operation Vegas is a dark cranberry purple holographic polish.
Black Ops is a black linear holographic polish.
Decoy is a silver lavender holographic polish.

I can't wait to try some gradient nail art, and see if any of these polishes are good for stamping. Look for that in a future blog post! :-)

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