Indigo Bananas: Perfect Night (for mystery & horror)

I saw Indigo Bananas, Perfect Night (for mystery & horror) swatched by Polish Hound, and The Mercurial Magpie, and fell in love with it. Well... let's be honest, I pretty much fall in love with any purple polish!

Perfect Night (for mystery & horror) is a rich purple jelly polish with blue green color shifting flakies. I did 3 coats (formula was smooth and flawless), and one coat of KB Shimmer Clearly On Top topcoat.

And here it is with one coat of NYC Matte Me Crazy Topcoat:

I also picked up two mini cuticle balms, in Coffee, and Eucalyptus. I have a bad addiction with these balms. I own about 8 different scents now. (I also love that they double as a lip balm!) I love how they moisturize, and I like that when it absorbs it dries with a powdery touch. (The coffee scent reminds me more of a mocha coffee. It's very similar to the cocoa scent that was discontinued, that I loved!)

Oooh, When I received these cuticle balms, Andrea had them professionally sealed with plastic now! I love watching indie polish shops grow and evolve!  :)

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