Emily de Molly- Tread Lightly

Cait from Polish Hound is an enabler. :-p Because as soon as I saw her post about Emily de Molly, Tread Lightly. I had to go hunting online for it. None of the U.S. stockists had it. (Emily de Molly doesn't ship directly to the USA). I took a chance and ordered it from Mei Mei Signatures for the first time. They are located in Singapore, but it only took 2 weeks to receive my order.

This is 2 coats, plus Seche Vite Topcoat. I did a thin coat of polish, then I did a thicker coat, dabbed on a few of the bigger circles, and topped it off with topcoat. These sort of glitter polishes require a topcoat, or else you will end up with a very bumpy mess. (I probably should have paid better attention to the tips of my nails when applying this, it wasn't smooth enough, and I had some shrinkage with the Seche Vite.)

And here it is with NYC Matte Me Crazy Topcoat. (Always use regular topcoat, before the matte topcoat, so the polish will have a smooth finish).

As always, Emily de Molly hits it out of the ballpark! I absolutely adore her nail polishes. I'm also lucky enough to own Cosmic Forces, and Oceanic Forces.

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