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My sister in law was married a month ago on 9/25/10. Her wedding was featured online at Bridal Book Philippines:
 You can check out the article by clicking here.

One of F.B.'s uncles from California was visiting in the Philippines and he brought back one of my wedding gifts with him and shipped it to me. We got a lot of wedding gifts that I wasn't able to take home with me unfortunately. Wine glasses, coffee maker, rice cooker, etc. But I really wanted my comforter/sheet set! It will fit a full bed, which is the size I want to get whenever immigration is finished! We've been married 10 months already.

In immigration news, F.B. mailed off all the documents to our immigration lawyer the other day. He should receive them by this Tuesday.

I've been stressed out over dealing with unemployment. I had to reopen my claim from last year. It expires on October 30th. I'm only going to get 2 payments out of the rest of this claim. I filed for my first checks last Sunday. Friday the money had still not been deposited so I had to call them. (They don't answer calls anymore- you have to schedule a call back.) When they got back to me they said there had been some sort of "stop" on my account. The lady had to update stuff on the computer so my payments would go through. They really make you work for your money.

November 1st, I will have to file a new claim and it's always a hassle as well because they deny me at first. Our payroll department is never timely and usually half my wages are missing so unemployment never has a record that I worked during the year. I always have to mail all my pay stub copies to them, meanwhile 3-4 weeks go by with no money until they straighten it out. They do give you back payments. But it's a hassle every year. (The woes of a seasonal employee, lol.) I should be called back to work the beginning of January if not sooner.

My cousin Jessica has started a blog! Yay! So excited! You can check out her blog at: I Believe in Pink. Stop by and welcome her to the blogging world! She is just getting started. She has a beautiful baby girl named Kayleigh who just turned one month old on October 3rd.

Jessica & Kayleigh (Photo credit: Christina)

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