Meme: What you have in common with 5 blogs/bloggers.

So I'm starting a new meme!

Rules: Choose 5 of your favorite blogs and share what you think you have in common or how/why you connect with that blog/blogger. (Similar interests, hobbies, etc.)

1. Keeping up with Me

Jacki is Filipina, I am American. She was married in the USA and I was married in the Philippines. She and her husband worked through immigration and F.B. and I are currently working on immigration. That definitely set the foundation for our friendship. I love reading about Jacki's experiences now living in the USA and how my husband will experience the same some day soon.

2. NYC Girl at Heart

Patty and I both share a love and passion for our cities. For her, New York and for me, Philadelphia. We love our cities, we love sharing about them! We are both East Coast girls! We also love Philippa Gregory's books. And our pets are our babies. (Her dog Max & my rats!)

3. Misguided Mommy

Shannon's husband is Filipino, which is something we have in common. We've always been able to laugh or joke about the little odd quirks or terms our husband's have or use. Like how my husband calls sneakers, "Rubber Shoes", or how her husband puts ketchup on everything & calls flip flips, "slippers". She also loves cooking, which is something I love to do too.

4. Chronicles of an Exhausted Mom

Stephanie and I connected over Tudor history at first. We both love reading about the Tudor's and are fascinated by that era. She also has gone through the immigration experience with her husband as well.

5. Berto and Kwala

I really enjoy Karen's blog posts about the Philippines. And the fact she lives pretty close to where my husband lives is something we have in common. I've driven through her city many many times, even though we've never met yet! She's posted about places I have been before, malls F.B. & I have been too. I like that we share that in common. She also loves to write, which is something I love doing too!

There are many other reasons why I love these blogs as well. The blogging world is a great place as it opens your eyes to other's experiences through life, other places, other cultures. As you follow along, you become connected to that blogger, laugh when they do, cry when they cry, share in their happiness and joy and make some new friends along the way.

  1. Awww, thanks! I wonder why I don't like ketchup? Is that a Filipino male thing? HAHA

  2. I am always glad to find another person as passionate about Tudor history as me. Have you read "The Other Queen" By Phillipa Gregory yet? Terrible.

  3. Stephanie, I hated The Other Queen too... I haven't liked any of Philippa Gregory's newest books lately.

  4. AWW! Thanks for the mention! :)
    You are so sweet!
    I will have to check out the last blog since I have not read her before! :)

  5. You forgot calling flip flops stupid fucking SLIPPERS. They are not slippers. Uggggg

  6. You're right Shannon! I did! I was looking for the emails where we talked about that & I couldn't find them, I'll edit it now! :-p


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