An Even Dozen

Yesterday was my last day of work for awhile. Its furlough time again. I'm a seasonal employee and 3-4 months out of the year we are furloughed until they recall us back to work. When I return to work we will be located across from 30th Street Station in center city Philadelphia. I've worked 8 years in Northeast Philadelphia with a 10 minute commute. And now I'll be making an hour long commute on the train whenever I'm recalled back to work. I guess it will work out because when our immigration process is finished and F.B. is in the USA he will need the car to commute to work and if I'm taking the train I won't need it.

Yesterday evening after some grocery shopping I stopped at Petco with my brother. Ever since I got my 3 girls from SRR and ended up with 11 ratties, I've wanted to make it an even dozen!

So please meet my gorgeous little blue hooded girl Jasmine!

She is so mellow and laid back and was immediately chilling on my shoulder when we got home from Petco. They also had 2 little blue rex dumbo eared girls, but since I could only get one my brother made me choose Jasmine because she looked like our Ginger. Jasmine was handled at the pet store and the girl there said she would walk around with her on her shoulder, hehe. Just like my Ginger rat, Jasmine was the star of Petco. I have 10 rats in my Ferret Nation cage. And Fennel & Barley share a smaller 2 story cage with no room for any other cage mates. So I've reached my limit! <:3 )~~~

  1. Oh, girl! 12 is definitely a max amount! Welcome Jasmine! What a beautiful, mellow girl. Many scritches! (And I sympathize your 1 hr commute, poor thing.)

  2. Hahaha! Definitely! I have no room for any new ratties now! And no room for any more cages either so that will keep me from buying anymore for quite awhile! :-p It's funny though because 12 rats are no more trouble than when I had just 2. And even funnier in a big cage like my Ferret Nation you'll find about half of them crammed into one igloo! :-D

  3. so jealous...TWELVE rats, aargh, send me some? :) hehe congratulations on your new girl, I know I already said it on fb!!

    She's so so cute :D

  4. Awwww Georgia you can come get some rattie love by looking at all the pictures I post. :) I know someday in the future you'll probably have close to a dozen as well! :-p

  5. yes, i have no doubt :) or two, Im not picky!! haha I will definitely be holding you to that :D

  6. She is beautiful!! I also love the name. Congratulations!


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