Happy 31st My Husband!

It's my husband's 31st birthday today! Happy Birthday! I love you and I miss you. F.B.'s birthday gifts already arrived on the 5th in the Philippines. Sent him Butterscotch & Banana Tastykake's, Andy Capp Hot Fries and 2 PC games he wanted. Oh and the bestest birthday card ever! One with Spongebob on it, lol! (Hey Walmart only had 2 sucky husband birthday cards!)

I was lucky enough to be with F.B. on his 29th birthday a few years ago. Hopefully next year when our immigration process is finished we'll get to celebrate both our birthday's TOGETHER!

✯✯✯ Happy Birthday F.B.! I love you! ✯✯✯

From F.B.'s 29th Birthday:

  1. how sweet of you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Your Husband. all the bestssss.... :)))

  2. Wow. Nice pics. LoL! Thanks for the birthday stuff. I love you.

  3. how sweet. i love your blog, i love love stories

  4. What a cute post! Happy Bday to your Hubby! Hope next year at this time her is here with you!


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