Friday, July 2, 2010

Strawberry Cake with Buttercream icing!

For the holiday weekend I decided to do a white cake with strawberries! I again used the best frosting ever recipe. (Which is a rich delicious butter cream!) And for the cake, Duncan Hines moist deluxe white cake mix. For the strawberry filling in the cake I took from this Strawberry Shortcake recipe. It's amazing what sliced up strawberries & sugar do when you leave them alone for a little while in the fridge. Then I mashed the strawberries a little with a mashed potato masher, hehe. Laid my first cake and iced it a little, then put the yummy gooey strawberry filling in the middle and the other cake on top and iced the whole cake. For the topping I used fresh cut up strawberries. Yum! (Make sure to refrigerate before serving or else the icing will start melting!)

The yummy messy inside of the cake:

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