Relaxed Rat

My friend Tiffani on Rat Chatter, has opened up a new store called the Relaxed Rat! She makes hammocks, cuddle cups, cubes and other quality bedding for rats! I recently ordered a new hammock for Fennel and a cuddle cup for Basil and the girls. I love the fabric!

My Cuddle Cup and Hammock:

Here is Fennel enjoying his new hammock!

And Basil, Pepper & Poppy checking out the cuddle cup!

  1. That is JUST TOO CUTE! And the kiddies seem to love it!

  2. Great little models you have there. They look so comfy!

  3. fourth pic down...priceless. that look on her(his?) face??omgosh!

  4. I love the fabric too! Might have to buy one of those for a Rattie Corner giveaway! (Speaking of, there is a new skincare giveaway I'm doing if you're interested.)

    Also, love the tattoo! Haven't had a chance to be by much, but I have kept up on you.

    And Happy 6th month as a wife! :)

    Hugs to you and all your sweet babies.

  5. Oh cool Lynn a rattie giveaway sounds neat! They were affordable too it was $19 for both. :) I think I'm going to order some cubes from Tiffani some time soon too!


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