Lily & Rose and other Rat News

Please meet my newest baby girls Lily & Rose, (Rosie). Lily is tan/beige hooded and Rose is a PEW. They are very tiny and have baby faces still, so I am assuming they are only around 5-7 weeks old. Rosie is very cautious and Lily is an adventurer. Ivy and Basil are a bit territorial with them so currently they are in the upstairs part of the cage with Holly. Basil wants to "fight" with them and they are so very tiny I'm afraid he will hurt them. So they will be kept separate until they are a little bigger and able to fight back when it's time to establish the cage pecking order.

Rosie thinks my cup handle is a place to lounge, lol!

I still have 3 girls waiting for me at Star's Rat Rescue. SRR is currently organizing the rat train. I know the South Dakota to Michigan trip will be very soon. Then transport is being planned through Ohio to Philadelphia. Please click here to get all the information. There are still tons of ratties that need forever homes! My potential girls are: 16K,16N,18C. (Clover,Honey & Hazelnut!) SRR also still needs donations (especially food.) to care for all these rats until they are able to find forever homes.

I had a scare with Basil last week, when he fell off my bed onto the wooden floor rather hard. I checked him all over for bumps and bruises and noticed he had 2 lumps below his "bits". Since he was neutered, I didn't think it could be a tumor. But I was afraid it might be an abscess or hernia. Basil went to the vet last Thursday and the vet looked him over. Turns out those lumps... they are a part of his body, lol! They are called Preputial Glands. I said to my vet, I've had so many girls with tumors, that when I feel a little lump I tend to panic! He didn't charge me for the visit!

  1. Your girls are so cute! Glad Basil is okay...hey I would have gone to the vet too! :)

  2. Ok they are way too adorable for words!!


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