Neat Laptop Skin!

So.. my naughty ratties Pepper and Poppy have chewed on the lid of my laptop in several places and nicked it pretty good. I was going to replace the whole lid but it's $30-40 dollars for a new lid from So I started looking around and found a neat website that has laptop skins. Actually they also have skins for your phone, e-reader, game system, ipod, etc. Pretty neat!

I just got my decal skin today and applied it to my laptop. It's like a vinyl skin sticker. It's pretty thick and durable so you can wipe it off to clean it. Plus you can remove it in the future without any damage.

The one I ordered for my Dell Inspiron 1545 was $12.99 plus shipping, can't beat that! (Tip: Their ebay store has cheaper prices! That's where I ordered from.) Their official website is called: I think I'm going to order one for my blackberry sometime soon too!

Here's my laptop with the new skin (ignore the junk in the background!)

The skin I ordered, is called: Abstract Neon.

BTW: Even if you order the correct size for your laptop you will still have to trim a tiny bit around all the edges once applied to make a snug fit. Then you just smooth it all out so there are no bubbles.

And no- I'm not getting paid for this post! I just really recommend these skins, it looks awesome on my laptop! And if I get bored I can always order another style. My Mom already said she might want one for her laptop for Xmas. :)

  1. Jessie (your cousin! ;))7/30/2010 10:13 PM

    wow thats soo cool :) i'm gonna have to look at that website and see if theres anything good cuz even without ratties a little over a year later mine is scratched too =p very awesome!

  2. If you buy get it from their ebay store because the prices & shipping are cheaper for the same designs! :) Or tell me your laptop screen size and I can get you one for xmas. hehe. :)

  3. That is so cool! I saw a store in Mall of Asia offering that kind of service but I found it to be very expensive. I think yours is a better deal. I might look into that too someday when I decide to dress my laptop PINK! HAHA

  4. That is a really cool one! Great choice!

  5. Hi, I stumbled upon your blog, and I just wanted to say it's got some great info (esp. on immigration). Also, great laptop skin! I'm actually looking for a skin for my Nook. ;) Cheers!


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