Sooo... 2 weeks ago I mailed our immigration lawyer the packet containing all our financial paperwork and I-864. Then nearly a week after I mail it I remembered... "Oh crap! I didn't include my employment verification letter!"

It took me a heck of a time to even obtain that paper. My job sent me in loops and hoops trying to get a paper that says I've worked there the past 8 years! And then I forget to send it to the lawyer! Ugh! I did scan & email our lawyer a copy of the letter, but he really wanted the original to submit to immigration.

I drop the original letter in the mail exactly a week later by USPS Priority. Never a problem... usually arrives at our lawyers office within 1 day. Another week goes by- nothing. It was lost. Never arrived. Did I get tracking or delivery confirmation? Noooo.... idiot me!

This past Saturday morning, I go to the post office when it opens around 9am. I spend $13.00 for express mail so we'll have tracking and I send off a copy of the letter. They write on my receipt will be delivered AUGUST 9TH.

I check tracking early this morning and what does it say?!

We attempted to deliver your item at 7:48 am on August 08, 2010 in PHILADELPHIA, PA 19102 and a notice was left. You may pick up the item at the Post Office indicated on the notice, go to, or call 800-ASK-USPS to arrange for redelivery. If this item is unclaimed after five days then it will be returned to the sender. Information, if available, is updated periodically throughout the day. Please check again later.

WHAT THE HECK?! When does the United States Post Office deliver on Sundays?!

I email our lawyer. By this time it's around 10am. He says he was actually in the office on Sunday, but the Post Office did not knock, etc. It hasn't been redelivered. So he says, "I think we'll have to use the scanned image you sent." About an hour later though, he emails me back and says, "Package arrived! We'll submit the I-864!"

So... no thanks to myself for forgetting and USPS our immigration process has been delayed 2 weeks... arrgh. I'm using Fed Ex next time! :(

Here is our completed steps and what we have left.

NOTE: Our lawyers Peter J. Gonzales & Shanna Stanton have changed firms. They are no longer with Kahiga Tiagha. They are now with Green and Spiegel LLC, but still located in Philadelphia.

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