Saturday, June 19, 2010

6 months, Converse & a Tattoo!

Today it's been 6 months since F.B. & I were married. Wow... half a year already. We only got to spend 1 month after the wedding together though... hurry up immigration!

My regular black & white Converse were getting ratty. The rubber was cracking. So I needed a new pair. I've wanted to try the slip on kind. For $12 more you can customize a pair of converse on their website! So check out my custom Converse sneakers! I got 'Love8279' embroidered on them. (I was born in '82. F.B. was born in '79.) I love them!

Tonight I went with my cousin Jessica to The Inkwell Tattoo to get my rat tattoo! It only took a half hour to have it done. And it didn't hurt very much at all. Jess and I pretty much talked the whole time when I was having it done. I did have to stop talking when he was shading it in a few times, it hurt a little then. But really you would think getting a tattoo would hurt much worse and they don't at all! Just feels like little scratches.

Here is my new tattoo. I just LOVE the little toes! My tattoo artist retraced the clip art design for me to make it clearer. It looks so good in person. Now I just have to wait for it to heal and peel... lol. The design always looks 10x's better after it peels. Very happy with how it turned out! (The picture makes it look bigger than it actually is though. It's smaller in person!)

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