Basil meets the girls!

This past Thursday it has been 4 weeks since Basil was neutered! He is all healed up now. He met with the girls Wednesday night actually on the bed. All was going good, until I noticed Saffy puffing her fur and trying to nip at Basil's face. They got into a squabble and fur was literally flying! They let me separate them and they were both spooked. It seems Saffron is my alpha rat, so she has been the one giving Basil a hard time.

You see, Basil was kept alone at the pet store I got him at in March. (Both he & Sage were kept alone at the store. I don't know why). He had a few weeks of scuffles with his brother Sage after I brought them home but they finally got to live with each other and got along, loved each other. Unfortunately Sage passed away from an unknown cause 1 month later. Basil was neutered because he was too aggressive and was unable to live with his new brothers Barley & Fennel who he tries to attack- even after his neuter. The main reason for neutering was I hoped he could live with my girls instead.

I've been going slow with Basil since Wednesday integrating him with the girls because he hasn't lived with many rats. He doesn't really know how to act around other rats. The few times I've had him in the cage, he either sulked in a corner. Or got very nervous and defensive when one of the girls would groom close to his face.

Poppy has taken a liking to him, I think she thinks Basil is her boyfriend. She has been the one cuddling up to him and grooming him. Every night after work I've been unlocking the ladder in the Ferret Nation cage and letting him play with the girls. So far all has been going well. He would get overwhelmed after awhile, so I've still been locking the ladder at night and letting him sleep alone. He's getting used to being around the girls slowly. And hopefully eventually Saffy & him will get along too. (You can read all about Basil's introductions with the girls here).

Here are some pictures of Basil with the girls:

And a video of him cuddling with Poppy!

Update: 6/20/10: Basil spent the night with the girls in the cage with no fighting! He has definitely settled in now!

Basil with Saffy:

  1. Great news that all went well! Introductions make me so nervous!


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