Ginger & Nutmeg

Just some pictures of Ginger & Nutmeg from the park last week. (Ginger is Blue Hooded. And Nutmeg is an English Irish Dumbo.)

I really love animal & nature photographs, which is why I always take so many! You can view some of my pet photos on Flickr Here.

I ordered a Marshall Carry Sack with some of my birthday money. It was smaller than I thought, but still big enough for at least 2 ratties and alot easier to carry around than the plastic carrier I use for them in the car, etc. Nutmeg was a little hesitant this time at the park. But Ginger just stuck her head out of my bag and was looking all around.

Oh! And an update on the Cute Workout Clothes post. I always forget Old Navy's sizes are cut larger. I had to return both the hoodie & pants for smaller sizes. So now I'm waiting for my exchanged items to come back! Believe me, if you're a small in a hoodie, you'll need an extra small. If you're a medium in pants, you'll need a small. I always forget that with Old Navy.

  1. OMG! Your pictures are so good! And your girls are absolutely divine! I wish I had been brave enough to take my girls out in to nature. I love your pictures.

    I had the same problem with my Old Navy order too! My tops were way too big, even though they were smalls. Yikes! I wonder why it's like that? I mean, so much bigger, not just a little bigger? Well, enjoy your new clothes when you actually get them! LOL!

  2. Lynn, I'm glad I'm not the only one with the Old Navy problem then, haha! You're right it's just not a little big- they are way bigger than the size states. So you always have to go down one size from whatever you are. Cant wait till my correct sizes come!

  3. You do take some really nice pics. It's nice you got to hang out with Ginger and Nutmeg at the Park. They look really big now. hehe.

  4. whats up with you and FB lately you haven't updated us in ages. gosh! nosey people need answers! how is he? did he end up finding a job? have you heard about your visa? do you know where you are going after the wedding? how is work? gosh girl your leaving us all hanging over here


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