Flood in Cainta Rizal Philippines (New Updates)

F.B. texted me around 8pm Sunday saying they had to stay at a neighbors house because their house is flooded. I looked up a news article online and it says Cainta Rizal is under 6ft of water! Most of Metro Manila & Rizal is flooded. Every time I try to call him I keep getting busy signal or an automated message saying the number you have dialed is either unattended or out of coverage area.... so not sure what is going on, but I'm worried and wish I'd hear from him. Please keep him & his family in your thoughts & prayers. Thanks!

9-26-09: I emailed F.B.'s father. He is a ship captain and is not in the Philippines right now. This was the information he received:

I was just on the phone with my mom and she said that everyone is ok in the neighbor's house but except for important papers and documents saved by your tita Zen, everything else is flooded. Right now the rain has abated and hopefully the waters will subside. They dont have electricity right now which could be the reason why we can't reach their phones because they did not have the means to recharge. Mom said that she cannot reach them too because of the same reason. I will give you an update as soon as I have more news.

9-27-09: Another update from F.B's Dad:

Dear Sarah,I already talked with your Tita Zen and thank God they are all ok. The water is only on the streets now and drying up. The house was submerged upto the lower half of the windows last night so everything is in shambles right now and they started cleaning up. FB says dont worry, they have not charged their cellphones until now because electricity might be out for another two days. I told them to buy a car charger so most probably FB will talk to you in his phone today.

9-28-09: Another Update from F.B.'s father:

Good morning Sarah, Yes the house was half submerged. Everything, including the refrigerator was already floating inside the house before they left to go to the neighbor. The PC and monitor and the television were all submerged. FB manage to drive "First" and "Pearl" to our friends inside the village situated on higher streets just when the water started to flow in. Of course after driving "First" he had to walk back to drive "Pearl" and on his way back he had to wade waist deep water near the house. According to Your Tita Zen the water rose so quickly that it was already neck deep in the carport when they went over the next house. We can thank God that it happened during daytime and I even dont want to think about consequences had it happened while everyone is asleep in the night. They have to buy new mattresses including a replacement for FB's bed and do a lot of laundry as everything in the closets were reached by the muddy water. Your Tita Nel's home was not flooded. Thank you for praying with me Sarah because that's all I can do right now. We are in the middle of the Atlantic on our way to Russia and we will only arrive there on Oct.8

  1. Thinking of you both. I hope that everyone is safe and that you hear from him soon!

  2. Thank God they are are OK. I know it must be devastating about their house. I hope you hear from him soon! :)

  3. Sarah,
    Wow! That's so scary! What a blessing that FB is alright and that noone was hurt, but what devestation!!! I pray that he and his family will be able to recover many things that they thought would be lost forever and that they will able to replace anything that they thought they couldn't!!! I also pray for Peace that is beyond all understanding in the midst of this horrible time!
    Thank you Lord that you protected FB...Sarah's husband to be!!! Lovingly, Leah

  4. Thank you Patty & Leah for your thoughts & prayers.

  5. I'm behind in your reading your blog...such terrible and scary news but fortunately everyone is ok!


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