Belated Birthday Dinner

Friday I went out for a belated birthday dinner with my cousins. We headed up to the Willow Grove mall for some shopping. I recently got a $10 gift card for doing a survey on Victoria's Secret website. And then a $25 gift card from American Express arrived in the mail which was a surprise. (Even though you have to spend $2,500 to get a $25 gift card- I think it's taken me 3 years, haha!) So I had $35 to spend! Awesome! I got 2 bra's for $12.50 each & some Strawberry & Champagne body spray. I love that scent and Pink. (Which is my signature scent.)

I was a bit annoyed they've changed their VS Cotton line though after all these years that I've been wearing them! The bras are all now lightly lined & I liked them better before without any lining at all. I just hate padded bras. Blah. The 2 I got on clearance were from the Pink line and they were more to my preference.

Also stopped at Ross so I could pick out a medium suitcase, since I'm taking 2 bags to the Philippines this time. I found a medium roll away suitcase for $34! I love Ross for getting discounted department store luggage!

We had dinner at Friday's. I had an amazing salmon & pasta dish. And I made my cousin pick out a new drink for me to try because I usually get beer, wine, margarita's or strawberry daiquiris. I tried a long island tea for the first time. Yummy! Also a thank you to my cousins for the awesome gifts. I got a cute Clinique Makeup set in a metallic pink clutch & Burt's Bees lip gloss set, etc.

Today F.B. & I were talking about staying in Makati City for a few nights again, so I looked up our beloved Best Western Astor hotel on and booked 4 nights the 1st week of January for $53 dollars a night. It was $83 a night on! I booked through Agoda last time and they are so much cheaper! Definitely recommend them!

We've stayed at the Best Western in Makati city 3 times now and we just love it. The staff is super nice too (once had to call the front desk because we had stupid neighbors blasting disco music at 4am!) and we love the breakfast buffet. And the hotel also offers a shuttle service if you don't want to commute.

It's also close to everything in the city. Green Belt, Glorietta Mall, it's not too far a drive from Mall of Asia. You can actually walk to Glorietta mall or to Green Belt from the hotel. We've done it before on the nights we couldn't use the car. (In the Philippines in the city depending on the numbers on your license plate once a week you are not allowed on the roads until after 7pm.) I wouldn't mind visiting Manila Ocean Park again too!

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  1. Glad you had a good time with your cousins. What did you think of the Long Island Ice tea? I remember those fondly they were the first drink I got really drunk on! LOL


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