Cute Workout Clothes!

I ordered some cute workout clothes yesterday from Old Navy. I really want to go hiking/walking in the park 2x's a week for extra exercise and wanted something cute but more comfortable than jeans to wear. I've already got a pair of purple & gray Adidas sneakers I've never worn in my closet too. Both items were only $15.00! Can't beat that! And the hoodie is adorable, I love the flower design on it! If I had extra $$$ I would have gotten the other colors too.

Women's Graphic French Terry Hoodie

Women's Active Drawstring Pants

  1. Ohh! I like those pants!

  2. I just got some awesome deals on Old Navy too! Not the same, but still, woot!

  3. Very cute! I really like the sweater might look for it at my local Old Navy. I want to take up walking this fall too. I hate exercising indoors!

  4. I like the hoodie. :)

    I found your blog while hopping from one to another.


  5. I have a treadmill but it gets repetitive, so that's why I wanna get my butt out of the house twice a week and walk around the park!


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